Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eaglestick should be beaten with one

That name may have been forgotten. I did, but was reminded of her again today, first on the radio news, then on the TV.
The story revolves around a "pissed to the gills" woman who removed a baby from her home and beat her face into the sidewalk repeatedly. Fortunately a passerby managed to wrestle the baby from her before too much more of a beating could be put on the kid.
I guess my first question is, "What did that baby do to deserve that?" (How stupid is THAT question!?) My second question is, "Who's the dumb ass who allowed a plea bargain and dismissed the attempted murder charge?"
Now I'll admit I know nothing about how much evidence is required to prove attempted murder in "the law", but in the arena of public opinion, I'm thinking she went over the top on this one. Maybe beating up a 12 year old she could claim she was just giving the kid a "tune up", but an infant? Who could really believe that someone wouldn't know that beating a baby's head against the sidewalk may well result in it's death?
Oh... drunk were you? THAT old excuse. It isn't one.
Out on bail for three days, and on an order to abstain from drinking, she didn't quite understand what the big word "abstain" meant. She went on a bender, already proving that she was unfit to be a part of society. She was given some limits, and she snooted her nose at them. After the attack, she was heard to have said. "I get angry when I drink".
Hmmm. So had you not been drinking all night, would you have been angry? Why are you angry at a 13 month old? Hey girl, YOU got some problems.
The FreeP said, "Eaglestick's lawyers had argued the woman is intellectually impaired and has difficulty connecting actions with consequences. She was put on suicide watch during her time in custody, but McCawley said she has refused any addiction treatment."
Sooooooooooo she doesn't connect actions with consequences. Why the concern about suicide? I mean If she doesn't understand that tying a belt around her neck and stringing herself up from a bar on the jail cell door would result in death... would she still do it? I mean would anyone do that if they can't connect the action/consequence dots? And refusing addiction treatment! That's a good sign. I'm hopeful!
"Her lawyers had argued she had spent enough time in jail since the attack."  Really? If jail is not punishment, rather a place where people are to be prepared for reintegration into society, she clearly needs MORE time. If it is solely a place for a disciplinary "time out", she needs even MORE time.
This is just another example of our justice system gone wrong.
Justice Deborah McCawley celebrates almost a decade and a half on the bench, and ultimately is responsible for this sentencing mess. Double time credits, so only one more yearin the can and eligible for parole in 9 months and we'll likely find a very drunk Ms. Eaglestick in 9 months three days.(regardless of the order to abstain... oh there's that big word again. No matter, she is simple and doens't understand that when she drinks she gets drunk (and angry))
 The question is, when Eaglestick drinks again, who will she be mad at... and will the 3 years she's spent in the can make her REALLY upset?
I don't want her around here... and there are some babies in the nursery at HSC right now that should be very afraid.

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