Monday, September 19, 2011

Greg Selinger job interview diebrief (aka the commercial that never was)

Setting  A generic office boardroom

Cast     4 characters aside from the never seen "Greg".
Interviewer 1  female,mid 40's, glasses, well dressed, well spoken, comes across as all business, no nonsense style
Interviewer 2  male, early 30's, suit and tie, comes across as a like able guy. Could be on the cover of GQ
Interviewer 3  male, approaching retirement age (aka near golden years), carries himself as if he owns the place... probably does, but Greg is clueless to this.
Interviewer 4  female, early 50's, appears tired, but feisty, good with numbers and spreadsheets, carries lots of papers with pie charts and graphs

Scene 1, act 1 (since this is the only scene and act, I guess this is redundant, but then so is much of the NDP election  platform)

Interviewer 1  "Thank you Mr. Selinger, we'll let you know."

actor with back to camera nods and slinks to stage right hanging head

Interviewer 2   "Can you believe this guy? Coming in here with this padded resume... and that suit! You'd think he could have worn a tie. Who does he think he is, Gary Doer?"

Interviewer 1  "I almost laughed out loud when he claimed he was responsible for bringing the Jets back to Winnipeg."

Interviewer 4   "And his numbers... keep this guy away from my department. They are so out of skew... and he just wouldn't back down, no matter how often I told him they were wrong"

Interviewer 2   "And the way he deflected all the questions about the man made flood, saying, "You'd have to ask Steve Topping about that, or Christine Melnick." He clearly can't take responsibility for the actions of the people who work for him.

Interviewer 1  "And the way he said, "Well we paid the money back" when I asked him about the election financing fraud... as if getting caught stealing from the shareholders and then simply paying the money back when you're caught is good enough to wash it all away"

Interviewer 4  "He did back his support staff. The way he defended his health minister in spite of things getting worse every year over the past decade, it's good to see that he won't throw someone under the bus. It was too bad that he had to try to gloss over the dismal performance of the past with bright new promises a decade later"

Interviewer 2   "How about the stone faced way he talked about he decision to run the electrical wires through the heartland of farming, splitting farms in two and wasting millions of dollars in lost electricity! He kept blathering about "UNESCO designation" or something that was clearly total BS".

Interviewer 3  "I'm tempted to hire him."

All 3 others murmur and speak at the same time, voicing incredulous disbelief and wanting an explanation

Interviewer 3  "This guy is clearly so full of it... and people just don't see it. He lies, and breaks the laws, yet comes out unscathed. He has no honour, and that makes him perfect for a position in our car sales or maybe even our real estate branch, but as CEO? Forget about it! Call in the next guy.

Interviewer 2   Should we tell him about his suit? I mean... somebody should.

The above was not authorized by any CFO, including the Liberal Party of Manitoba, who seem to be able to promise more than anyone could really believe. It is also not endorsed by the PC's who can't seem to run a campaign to save their lives, and promise even more than the NDP.


  1. ... is the Liberal promise to change the way we spend our money that difficult to believe? Is it too much, you think?

  2. Honestly? With one more person elected as an MLA than the Greens... how much credibility can he have? In direct answer to your question, no I don't think it's hard to believe they'd spend the money differently, so providing that was the only question, I guess we agree. If you wanted to be specific about their promises...