Saturday, September 24, 2011

Leaders Debate. KO punch by Hugh?

I like the bus benches Hugh and Company had made up. There are arrows pointing to the respective people on the bench, Hugh and... whoever the candidate in the riding is. Good thing, as many people don't know Hugh is running for Premier.
That said, in the leaders debate Hugh wins, but only because even I could have won bashing Selinger for his dismal failures, and WHO told him to sport that STUPID grin every time someone took him to task on his "record"? Greg, find whoever it was who told you that dumb grin was a good idea and fire them, for your own sake. You looked like a buffoon.
The KO blow was pretty lightweight. "...your Crocus calculator...", Funny, on point, and a good reminder of what Greg has done in the various portfolios he had prior to becoming our unelected Premier.
Now on to Hugh's own performance. Listen Hugh, I could take Greg on with one hand tied behind my back if all I was going to do was bash. Even when asked a question directed solely at YOU by a member of John Q, Public, you took NO time to talk about YOUR vision, rather you bashed Selinger and the NDP. How about a gun, fish, and a barrel? Very short on substance, Hugh spent too little time getting the PC "vision" across. In that regard, he lagged behind... what was his name? The green guy. no, not my favourite Martian. I gotta google him to get his name, and he's running in MY constituency! (No propaganda from him yet) Beddome! Honestly, he shouldn't have been there.
And what is with the good Doctor? Stammering and "Umm..." interjected so often I wanted to e-mail him a list of Toastmaster meetings in his riding to attend. "Yes, if I voted that way it was a mistake."
WHAT? You can't be serious. Sure, you tried to back out of that hole, but you had already said it, voting against the budget was a mistake. (Insert your best Homer Simpson "D'oh!" here or go to  )
Gerard was possibly as effectual in the debate as Hugh, but his gaffe lost him any sort of place in the finalist category.
In a nutshell, there was no realistic vision presented by the Greens, no vision (that was believable) that went beyond the Doctor's specialized field of health care, little if any vision presented by the PC leader,  and bold new ideas building on the wonderful successes of the past decade presented by the guy who ran Crocus and told you everything was OK, and MOCKED John Lowen for suggesting things were in the proverbial toilet in that "fund" aka Ponzie scheme.
Back to my suggestion of declining my ballot, I'm hoping the media will actually report on the number of people who choose that route.
If only I had more time and money, I might have made up lawns signs and erected them around the city similar to  except mine would have read, "Tired of the lies, lack of vision and status quo? DECLINE your ballot!"
It's going to be a long 4 more years... good thing the NDP brought us the Jets and a winning Bomber season (as well as a new stadium) to keep our minds off it all. Wasn't this originally a Roman idea? Entertain the masses so they can't see how dismal it all is?

Slurpee capital, murder capital... we got is all going on.

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