Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OK...Whose in charge here?

Some of you will no doubt speculate, "What's he ranting about today?"
I could go on about the Nurses Union schill going on about how she remembers when Gary Filmon fired 1000 nurses with the stroke of a pen, or how Selinger said that "Most Manitoban's tell me they want Bi Pole III built with as little delay as possible", which is of course, total hogwash.That Selinger lie is right up there with his defence of the Bipole III route when he says, "We've consulted with all the experts and they agree that the west side route is the best." Liar.
There could be the vote siphoning from non-parties like the Liberals or the Greens, especially in tight ridings. (no, I don't mind the Commies taking 16 votes, those voters would vote for their NDP cousins anyway).
It's not about my latest joust with a certain department and the response back from them concerning a neighbouring property... and the response of "Call 311." Really... like you can't see it from here? I can!

No, my rant is (again) about the clown planning road work and the pathetic signage. Firstly, I can't get my head around the thinking of closing a lane prior to an intersection because of roadwork straight ahead. Consider the following,
Broadway Ave. eastbound so you've crossed Sherbrook and Balmoral with lights. Typically, since the people in traffic planning can't figure out a decent left turn strategy in this city, you stay in the right lane, regardless of the beating the vehicle takes in the curb lane. You get to Great West Life on the corner of Osborne and... LANE CLOSED. (Just prior to the interstection)
Really? Why?
Because they are working on Broadway AFTER the intersection. Now a thinking person would erect signs a few block ahead. The signs would say, "construction ahead", then "thru traffic merge left", and finally, "all right lane traffic must turn right". You see, if not for the barricades, the right lane traffic COULD have turned right onto Osborne, but not in Winnipeg. In a different major city, they'd have the large flashing signs instructing drivers to merge left if they want to go straight, but not here! Here we expect all that traffic to merge into the left lane with the thru traffic and THEN turn right.
It's "engineers" like these who likely designed the intersection of York westbound onto Main St where we can't seem to have a protected turn signal. Instead, we face four lanes of oncoming traffic, and MAYBE two cars can turn left.
These people are too much. Someone needs to be let go, and a serious house cleaning has to take place. My suspicion is that Escobar's crew of office cubical dwellers aren't responsible for construction area signage, but when I've called to complain about the stupidity in the past, I've been forwarded to some consulting firm who is "responsible" for the project and get a response like, "The signage meets the requirements of the City."
This idea of closing a lane PRIOR to an intersection and forcing even right turning traffic to merge isn't new... I've seen it before, but it finally burned me enough today to share my frustrations.
Frankly, I'm really tired of the blatant stupidity. Does no one else see it, or is it just me?

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