Friday, September 16, 2011

There might be a campaign going on...

but it really isn't much of one.
In our 'hood, we have Belinda Squance running for the PC's. Now since my predilection is Conservative, (although I have voted differently  in the past), I know Belinda and I think she'll make a fine..., no, a  great MLA. Trouble is... I can't vote for her. On the wrong side of Ellice, I guess we can advertise our house as "Wolsely North". Since I know more about the politics of Minto than Wolsely, I had to google WHO is running in my area aside from pony-tail boy.
The Liberal is Eric V.T. Stewart. He has a long list of things he has done in the area, specifically being a part of the BIZ as their Green team Coordinator (among other things), and is on the board of the West Broadway Development Corp. Without getting too much into these groups, these positions hardly qualify someone for MLA.  Sorry, but based on the info on his web page, he doesn't get my vote. As an aside,  does the fixation with middle initials mean anything? I don't know many people who use their middle initials to identify themselves. "Hi! I'm John J.O. Smith". Never happened to me... what's with that?
The PC's have Harpreet Turka, (no middle initial, or he doesn't see a need to use it), and  he has a facebook page. Good thing too, since my google search for "Wolsely, MLA" didn't get me to his official page.
While there I got to read about his high school and University football highlights, as well as Green Team involvement.
Holy cow. I ran a Green Team for two years. I missed my calling! I should run for MLA!
I loved this,
" Recently, he has been advocating for kids to get interested in their education and get them back in school."

 Really? Me too! Go to school, or get a job, but get off the dole! See... ME advocating!

"Harpreet has worked with the Mayor Youth Advisory Council to open a gym, where kids can go after school to play sports and other activities."  
Open a gym,  unlock the door... are these synonyms? Similies?
Sure, I get it between the Green Team and University years, Harpreet hasn't had a lot of time to lean much about "other things" so he can't really list them on his short resume.
On to the devil you know... Ponytail boy. In a nutshell, Rob knows how to compost shit, which makes him PERFECT for both Wolsely (south), and the NDP. Check his page... he can tell you himself. Man I'm glad I don't have to list my resume on line, but if I did, it would be a lot more interesting than these three.

On to the dilemma.

I've voted in EVERY election that I have had the right to be involved in, and for the first time, I really don't have ANY choices. As a result, I will more than likely DECLINE my ballot.

From the Manitoba Elections Act, 117 (2) 

STEP 2: Voter marks ballot
The voter must take the ballot directly to the voting compartment and, without delay, mark the ballot
(a) by placing an "X" in the space provided for that purpose beside the name of the candidate of his or her choice; or
(b) by writing "declined" on the front of the ballot. 

More thoughts on the "nice suit" commercial next week. We'll do our own "Greg's job interview" debrief with our own round table... and I'm not so sure we're going to like even his suit.

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