Monday, October 10, 2011

Election 2011. What went wrong?

Easily answered, but how to solve the issue?
The PC's have been in a virtual leadership vacuum for... well since the boogy man who fired a thousand nurses ran the ship.
The Stu Murray years were dismal at best, a great lesson in who NOT to retain as a leader, the PC's went on to reinforce the lesson with Hugh. I have no doubt that Hugh is a nice guy, who really loves Manitoba and wants to make it a better place. I said the same thing about Iggy in the Federal mess we recently saw. You don't take on the sort of responsibility and public exposure unless you believe what you're doing is right, but HOW you're doing it is another matter all together.
As the campaign drew nearer to the fixed election date I would say to my lovely wife, "I'm waiting for the ads to combat the blatant lies the NDP is spewing... the knock out punch to put them in their place and expose Selinger for who he is."
"When do you think they'll do that?", she asked.
"I'm afraid they won't. They are trying not to campaign that way and it will ruin them."
True to my prediction, the party stood still, going neither forward, nor back. Had they campaigned more aggressively and lost seats, at least there would be some honour in that, but 25% of eligible voters (+/-) came out to tell Hugh and the PC's they liked the message and the "vision". (Just a few more than Greg and company had endorse their plans, or as R. Blakie said, "Given a clear mandate to continue the course", or some sort of drivel to that end. Pathetic.
Manitoban's said no such thing Rebecca. Manitoban's held their noses as they voted, and to say anything else is as big a fairytale as the nurses getting fired story.
On to Hugh and company. Pandering to the masses by making promises... a bad idea. Not seeing that, and publicly thanking your team that plotted the course to your demise reinforces your lack of ability to see the forest... and the cost was you running smack into a tree at full speed. This election was lost before it started, and it's as a result of your team.
If your opponent slings mud, you'd better sling back rocks, bricks and whatever else will seriously hurt them. If you're not in it to get bloodied up, stay home.
Greg, by his record, will deflect and lie at any opportunity. The NDP will coerce and circumvent legal process and do whatever it takes to remain looking clean while in reality they are a dirty bunch.
Hugh thought he could campaign as politics should be, and had no real "vision" to boot. The election was his SIMPLY by pounding away at the failures and the lies of the NDP. Never happened... it was as if they collectively forgot about those things.
Here's a plan for 2015.
Start taking notes. Get a ringed note pad and hire someone to keep track of all the failures and publicly exposed disasters the NDP head up and keep the best ones in your pocket. News papers and TV reports... cut them out and record them. Let the NDP defeat the NDP. Easily done, or should have been.
The PC's have a leadership convention next year. Too soon in my estimation. There are always a few looking for the opportunity, but there are those who might need some grooming before stepping forward.
I'm not sure about the actual process, but the nomination committee should see the people in action. Throw them into a focus group with some notes on a specific issue and them WHAM!, blindside them with something else and see how they handle it.
The PC's need a personable person who is well spoken and a true Gentleman or Lady until someone slights them. At that point, they need to be a street fighter, ready to grab whatever is available to pummel their opponent witless.
That person exists... they are out there... but they'll have to find them, and that could be a problem.
Given the sort of nature that person would have, they are likely less inclined to be a "party line" sort, have a very small group of friends who really know the person and overlook the rough spots because they see the good in them, and can easily rub dissenting people the wrong way.
That person needs to be moulded, and taught to handle themselves as a statesman, (states person? states woman?). The street fighter needs to be kept under the surface, released only when necessary, and with a fury that can be tempered when needed, but still there.
Cretien was like that. Trudeau... arrogant, but still elected. Filmon was like that too yet we only saw him uncontrolled once, "Come on over here Timmie and I'll punch your lights out", he threatened Tim Sale in the Leg. Most people don't know that Timmie was doing a right arm at 22.5 degrees salute, aka "Sieg Heil!" from his seat.
That person with real leadership abilities... they are out there.

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