Friday, December 30, 2011

2011...Good Riddance (top 10 in no particular order)

This year will not be missed, at least not by me.

1. The man made flood took months of prime summer work time away, costed tens of thousands of dollars, and the NDP under their MWS department have collectively said, "We don't care". (Still no official answer to the claim filed in June)
There are times I understand people going "postal". I've resisted looking up their office location.
They dig a ditch from Lake St. Martin to a swamp HOPING it will lower Lake Manitoba over the winter months. The latest response to the Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders  concern that there has been no appreciable drop in the lakes level since opening the channel was rebuffed by a MWS engineer, full of reasons as to why the lake hasn't dropped, all because of "natural" reasons, (in probably the worst grammar I've ever read from any "official" response to anything from anyone)

2. Winnipeg's murder rate is now officially set at a new record... sure, mostly people who were "known to one another". I know a lot of that is about the company you keep, but our FINE police Chief needs to get a handle on how this REALLY affects people. Let's say there are people in your West End Neighbourhood who make more noise than you like... their dogs bark consistently and so on. You gonna say something? Then what?

3. Crime rates are NOT as our Chief would have you believe. Not only does the (very late) annual report tell us this City is NOT a nice place, and people will typically get away with property crimes, they skew the numbers. Forget trying to get a real estimate on all the unreported incidents, the reported ones show this cess pool is spiraling down the proverbial toilet. (insert a "it'll be all right" comment from our mayor here)

4. The NDP get's another 4 years to scuttle the leaking ship Manitoba. The election was a non-event given that the PC's promised to outspend even the drunken sailors currently at the rudder. (chanting of "4 more years" is heard from zombie-like NDP supporters at the Union Hall)

5. Tax hikes are inevitable for Winnipeg property owners as the City fell further behind, crying, "We need more money!" The trails we call roads are akin to those in the poorer areas of Mexico. In this City we struggle to improve even our traffic signals, installing new "smart lights" on "dumb streets". Even a smart light set up on Route 90 between Academy and Logan can't fix that, "increase speed to 70 km/h... slow down.. stop", ritual we are all so accustomed to that we hardly notice.

6. The MSM continues to be as useless as the Board of the CMHR. With kid glove interviews being the norm, reporters spew the press release they've been handed, ask soft ball questions that seem to have been formulated by a 12 year old, and offer "spin" for the politicians and millionaires. Add to that the cancellation of Winnipeg's ONLY radio show that offered some of the hard questions others are so lacking, and you have a vacuum.

7. The CMHR, long a thorn in my side, (since the INCEPTION of the idea, I've thought it stupid and a waste of prime real estate, but even building it in South Transcona on the swamp would be a waste of real estate), is so deep into the glue this will likely become an issue of a public inquiry at some point. Still the WFP cheer leads, CJOB coddles, and the Sun doesn't have the talent able to string the whole mess together in a comprehensive manner that won't come across in a right wing /anti semitic smear.

8. The Federal NDP is now the Official Opposition. Woe is me. One can only hope that this is a vote "against" everything else and not an embracing of the ideology of the left. Consider Manitoba's plight before voting for these clown federally... please.

9. Will and Kate get married in a lavish ceremony!

9. Winnipeg's real estate prices continue to climb. Long undervalued and stagnant, Winnipeg finally saw it's property values catch up to where they should have been and keep pace with inflation, or better. On the sad side, the price of "low end crap" has escalated at a higher pace than "decent housing" as can be witness by searching through listings below $200K inside the City. (This is the only "good news" item I hope continues into the remainder of the decade aside from the "low end crap" continuing to increase in value)

10. The global economy continues to have a cold that won't go away. While it keep interest rates low, the "jitters" keep lenders' purse strings tight. banks are glad to extend credit card credit, but are tougher on lending capital to anyone wanting to borrow bigger cash to expand a business, purchase real estate (investment property), or provide business loans. There's not enough money in it for them.

I'll be happy to have readers add an event. I'm looking forward to 2012 being a better year... this one was one to forget.

Happy New Year

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  1. well said....lets hope things are better in 2012.