Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Manitoba Water Stewardship celebrates Hanukkah?

For my Jewish friends, HAPPY HANUKKAH!

For my Goyim friends, you can play "Find the Yiddish words" in this post.

How is MWS celelbrating Hanukkah? Well, it would appear that they make decisions by spinning a dreidel. Some people get nisht while others get halb and a lucky few get gants. Everybody has to shtel arayn, since the NDP has made it a "deductible", as if we were insured and somehow have to pay our "share" for the water they shipped us.

There's little doubt this was a schwartz yor for many. The flood forecasting balmalocha who took over from the last guy did a bang up job missing all the snow west of Winnipeg, and as a result we were all left a little dismayed at how shlecht the whole department was at doing their jobs. Add to the terrible performance at predicting the actual flooding, they created disasters like the "Hoop and Hollar" cut which turned out to be total shandeh. These guys ran the Portage Diversion until it almost plotzed and they filled Lake Manitoba to to rim, then added some more.

I'd have thought that filling that lake beyond capacity ummeglich, but I apparently I was falsh. These leytsim sent out flood alerts, wind inundation maps and projected crests that changed daily, leaving us to wonder who the shmayser was who could be running this balagan. Some maps clearly showed water fore casted to move over a kilometer inland if the wind was sustained, at levels at least a foot above the prescribed elevation for buildings constructed near the lake. Many of us held our kopf  in our hands and lamented, "Oye vehys mir".

As regular followers/readers know, I chose to be proactive and lift my building above the fore casted flood levels. Mistake. After many forms and e-mail requests, after months of waiting, a MWS representative... inspector... some guy came out to view the place. He seemed like a mensch. He told me that they would have a decision shortly... about 6 weeks. That was in July. I STILL have no official word in writing, but I did finally follow up and had a nice woman tell me they decided nein, nischt for you.

The reason I was given is that I'm protected by a "dike"

Sure... a dike. A bunch of sand bags where in some areas it is backed up with clay. hay bales covered in geo textile, backed with clay, and in some places, just sand bags. Add to that, the dike wasn't really "completed" until the fall, MONTHS after I raised my building to a safe level.

I contacted the RM, and was advised that the dike is NOT permanent, and as such should not be considered as "flood protection", but since no one has bothered to send me a letter "shortly" as I was promised over a month ago, I can't appeal any decision made by these schmendriks, leaving me out a chunk of gelt I would have never spent if not for the bad intel I was given. In essence, In drerd mein gelt!

We've heard that others have been approved already, some to raise their buildings as little a one inch. An inch huh? Makes me wonder if the people approving that felt a little kurz in another area and were trying to make up for something they are lacking. These people are located behind the same sort of dike I am. One cottage, (outside of the dike), was actually raised during the flooding, albeit not high enough, again, a result of VERY poor forecasting.

Sorry, I don't farschtein. All I can really do at this point is lachen mit yash-tsherkes . The NDP talked a good talk about compensating people, but empty barrels make the most noise.

Manitoba Water Stewardship? Feh! Greg Selinger? Goniff  Christine Melnick? Nar meidl Steve Topping? Dumbkop Philip Mutulu? Schrecklich

When my government tells me they're going to be there to help, I'm not believing them. Du kannst nicht auf meinem rucken pishen unt mir sagen class es regen ist.


  1. Du kannst nicht auf meinem rucken pishen unt mir sagen class es regen ist - you don't like yellow rain?

  2. Seems it doesn't matter if I like it or not, it's what I get.