Thursday, December 15, 2011

Movie Review: Mission Impossible

If you enjoy this genre of movie, this one is worth seeing on the big screen. The story line is intriguing enough to keep you interested in the plot, but that's not really why you came... you came for the action.

Tom Cruise seems to have taken a major role in production, and while often this is a death knell for a movie, he seems to have pulled it off.

Without being a spoiler, I can say that the location shoots are amazing... This has the locales and shots worthy of a Bond flick starting in Russia, moving to Dubai, and later India. There are others, but those are the major plot locations. Filmed in Imax, this is worthy of being seen on a BIG screen. We saw it at Polo, where they have premium "pleather" seats, but the sound and visuals of a large screen in a resolution that rivals being there are worth the extra few bucks they charge you to get into the place.

The nice thing is that this movie doesn't struggle for a reason to exist as so many "series" movies do. We've waited a number of years, (almost 6),  for another Mission Impossible movie, but it was worth the wait

Statler and Waldorf give this one two thumbs up  

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