Sunday, February 12, 2012

Murder on 600 Simcoe St.

A bad play on the movie title  Murder on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with Diane Lane (my wife rolls her eyes), we arrived at "work" this morning to Police tape. Fortunately, we enter the building from the lane, so it wasn't a big deal.
No... I didn't walk to the front to see what was going on... it didn't concern me.
At some point in time, Winnipeg's third murder occurred, apparently near the corner of Wellington and Simcoe. (Poor Harvey, right across the street from him)
There were a few cruisers, what I think is an ident. van, some cadets, and lotsa tape.
Did I mention the reporters?
To describe them as a "hoard", or a "feeding frenzy" would not be unfair. They outnumbered the Police, which had me thinking...
I was asked a few questions by a reporter, as were neighbours and residents all along the block. I realize that the Police don't have the man power to "canvass the area" like they do on Law and Order, but maybe the Police should have the reporters do their investigative work for them, at least insofar as talking to residents goes.
There is a problem with this idea though...
A smart guy might say something like, "Maybe you should find Andy, my MLA. He's the Minister of Justice, but we never see him around here... there's no election going on."
Or, "Nice to see the Police are here. Why do we only see them AFTER there's been a problem. Is this how Police work is done? As a REACTION?"
Some other clown might go off about how Police can write traffic tickets for Cell phone use and Texting because MPI is footing the bill and there's a clear revenue stream, but Operation Clean Sweep and the like can't keep happening in the West End because they don't have the funds.
I don't live on Simcoe, but I will in a few months. I'm investing heavily in the area in a number of ways.
No one cares.
It seems the community needs a shit disturber again. We had one. He passed away a few years ago.
He was the sort of guy who would have embarrassed Sam into something PROACTIVE.
The girls ply their trade openly, taking their Johns between whatever buildings they can find that might offer enough of a break from a clear sight line, dropping their used condoms all over the yards and the lane.
Do you suppose the Police could follow an obvious trail of condoms to figure out where the tricks get serviced?
It would seem to some, that the answer is either, "No", or that they just don't care.
Reporters and Police seems to be more similar than I realized. Neither are around until something bad happens.
I can accept that from the reporters...
Hey Chief! So far, I'm pretty unimpressed with your methods. If I were Mayor, you'd be told to polish up your resume.
Anyone who can spend money on snowmobiles to fight a problem that doesn't exist, while allowing an entire community the be absorbed by gangs isn't worthy of a leadership role.
There is NO ownership of the problems, or fighting them.
Andy (I believe) lives in a different riding... not far, but far enough. The Mayor doesn't call his West End buddy for advice anymore, so he has forgotten about the area. I'll be there isn't an officer on the force who lives in the neighbourhood (and I'll also bet there are a few with rental units around here).City staff make enough to live in the outlying areas of Winnipeg, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

We do have the presence of a small department with some authority on the street. Since there is a 2 hour parking limit, the Winnipeg Parking authority patrol the block quite diligently. Ahh the revenue stream...

Don't get me wrong. I like the West End. I like living here, I like the neighbours, I like the proximity to everything. I don't want to move, but until the AUTHORITIES get things under control. we'll continue to live cautiously, ensure we know who is walking behind us, we'll keep erecting fences that are higher than the zoning by-laws allow. We'll take everything out of our cars every time we exit them, padlock our BBQ's, chain up our ladders, install steel framed doors in our garages.

All this while Police write tickets for dirty license plates.

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