Monday, April 23, 2012

Cut a tree to Celebrate Earth Day

Cut a tree? Yes. One of many I get to cut this year.

After last years water mis management fiasco and the ensuing flood, the NDP and Manitoba Water Stewardship destroyed tens of thousands of trees. Most of them are lying on the shore, leaning up against other trees... some don't even know they're dead, and will likely leaf out one last time. (poplar trees are clearly stupid) Until you go out and SEE the destruction, you have no idea how bad it is.

Since Greg promised to send the Green Team to clean up the mess, I have to assume it's as empty as all his other promises, and they'll find some way out of that one too. We've all heard how little compensation money they have actually paid out, and how no one can get any answers from MWS. They have just recently decided to make 822' the bench mark for building new. This after a rep from that department came to my property and said, "We think it's ok if the waves hit the side of the building for a few hours", after questioning the 817' mark they held to last fall. "Well I certainly don't find that acceptable," I said.

Some days I think I'd like to tell a clown like that, "Hey, buddy. Are you lost? Some town is missing a perfectly good idiot. You should find them."

I find it amazing that MWS has rules about "shore line" development, and protection, yet they and Hydro don't seem to be held accountable for their actions insofar as the destruction of our lakes and shores. The RM had rules about not allowing motorized equipment on the beach, presumably to prevent the "destruction" of the shore. You should have seen to motorized equipment out there last year, destroying everything it wanted to under the "state of Emergency".

Trees in the way? Push them over. Wood pallets left everywhere, plastic bags that held sand blowing in the wind.

Brilliant. We have all these rules to "protect" the environment, yet we've forever altered the landscape with dead fall trees that were mature and healthy, and added dikes on the beach head with sand bags that are disintegrating and leaving the plastic bags to float in the water, hoping some duck gets it's head stuck in the bag.

Real experts... all of them.

We've recently been told that the dike along the shore cannot be removed. It will have to remain until there is a channel built parallel to the Fairford River. As if "Today's NDP" will be doing any such thing. They built the "easy" channel first which did little to drain the lake into a frozen marsh (unless you're talking about draining Lake St. Martin) AND it's not just before a Provincial election is it?

MWS is denying claims for financial assistance to people because they are "protected by a dike" and urge you to "reapply if the dike is removed at a later date". Now the RM says the dike has to stay.

Does it sound like the RM is a marionette controlled by some puppet master pulling strings.... looking for a way to screw us again?

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