Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SAFE roads campaign

Recently, we've been bombarded by ads from the WCB and other such groups who are in the business of selling safety (in case you didn't know, safety has become an industry in and of itself), including the, "Is your workplace safe enough to hire your child?" theme.

I thought we rid ourselves of child labour, but regardless...

I'm all for the idea of a SAFE roads campaign. We should all slow down when passing workers, be patient when they are moving equipment, and just relax when we are stuck in a bit of traffic due to construction.

That stated, who is the asshole in charge of signage at these "work sites"? Approach St. James from Sargent only to discover that you may not turn left onto St. James. Hey... relax... the sign says "temporary". Perhaps the workers would be safer if drivers were told in advance of the upcoming mess. When was the last time you saw a "detour" sign in Winnipeg? Consider a mobile, lighted message board on Sargent before Omands Creek informing drivers that "no left turn on St. James" was ahead and, detour, use Empress to Ellice to access St. James . Too difficult.

Also too difficult is the idea that changing the light sequence at St. James and Sargent. You see the intersection has protected left turn signals for both directions of Sargent, but since your choices no longer include turning left, maybe Louis and staff could over ride the arrows and help traffic move through the intersection that is now clogged, instead of having everyone just stop and wait through the left turn signal. Same holds true for William east bound at King. Absolutely stupid, the lights on William westbound are not the same as William eastbound, but as an eastbound vehicle, you have no choice but to turn left onto King because of traffic. You're stuck with NO idea as to the oncoming traffics responsibilities because the lights are not only not the same cycle, (ie they can move when you cannot), and you are committed to turning left. One would think that is all traffic had to turn left, there would be a dedicated left turn... no? Again, this is a construction area. (RRCC at the Royal Bank Building)

Signage is typically non existent until you actually arrive at the construction, and often the lane closures are the most incomprehensible things causing me to bust out into a Mel Brooks line from Blazing Saddles, "hus du gezen in deinen leben!?" William Avenue west bound at Sherbrook, all traffic is forced into the right lane, even traffic turning left. Why? Sure, I know the left lane on the other side of Sherbrook is occupied with east bound traffic, but perhaps a sign for that lane that looks like this...

Or for the illiterate, just an arrow, indicating you MUST turn, and cannot go straight. This would allow the traffic turning right, and going straight to use that lane and NOT wait for left turning vehicles.
Again, a construction area.

Proper signage and proper warnings, detours and better information might be something Chris Lorenc and his association might lobby for. Stop annoying people, stop aggravating them, stop wasting their time, and maybe they won't be so impatient with the folks working on the road.

                                and no... I've never seen one in Winnipeg either.
BTW... it looks like this

Nor have I seen one of these posted a BLOCK AHEAD of the construction area
The City manual mandates nothing more than 50 meters (in a posted 50 km/hr one) before construction, and thedumb asses follow the manual... and no one cares about the people waiting in traffic withhout proper warning of the upcoming roadwork.

In other words, "We really don't care about you, but watch out for us".

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