Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Andy tells us what the issue REALLY is.

Thanks Andy. We always need to be brought back as we froth at the mouth, pulling violently at the chain that typically keeps the masses docile, believing that questions regarding your departments failures should be answered.

I'm not talking about the calls for a "public inquiry", buzz words for "blame someone", "increase funding for programs", and "preferential treatment".

What I am talking about Andy having the gall to say,  "The issue right now is making sure we stand with the families and the communities...", refusing to answer questions about Lamb's early release.(Wpg Sun)

Well Andy, these murders happened in YOUR riding, and I want to know why this looser was in MY community at all. YOUR department let him out early Andy, and we're all a little sick and tired of your lame ass excuses for your incompetent department. The judge ruled that he was to serve MORE time, and YOU let him out.

That's what being Justice Minister is about Andy. Being responsible for your portfolio. YOU Andy.

Don't tell us what the issue is you arrogant clown. We elect YOU. WE'LL tell YOU what the issues are.

Loosing prisoners, early release, a general malaise to stiff sentencing, and seemingly coddling those who your constituents fear the most.

In other news, Pat Martin is being sued by RackNine for $5 million. pat is looking for donations to cover his legal expenses.

No word on how to donate to RackNine's legal team.

How (or perhaps why)  does the West End continue to elect such POOR representation?


  1. Can someone tell me where does Andy live? As a citizen of the West End it's sad to see that no one cared enough for the hard working men and women who have dedicated their lives to better our community to have this wiped out by the very person they elect to be their guardian. It's a shame, shame on you Andy! Maybe if you lived in the community long enough you would care more about your family and their friends/neighbors. We deserve better than this!
    Maybe it's not Andy's fault - after all, how can we expect a plumber to be your veterinarian, or a gas station attendant to give you sound medical advice for your family. I say Andy is an incompetent YOU KNOW WHAT who has displayed more arrogance than anyone I have ever met!

    Our good friend Pat, I hope the Racknine lawyers sue him for $10 million to force him to sell his home in British Columbia and then we will know that he too, must live in the riding for which he represents.

    I think they are both political shams and farces, and they will ultimately pay one way or the other. Some of us think God is asleep - but he is not.

    DW - Lipton St., West End

    1. I believe Andy lives in Wolsely... Altemeyer's riding. (the compost king at the legislature)