Sunday, June 3, 2012

We should go out more...

That was the consesus sitting at The Beachcomber patio at the Forks. We talked about how when we visit other cities, we engage the down town and gathering places, we eat out, visit the theater district, walk along the river...
So this morning we returned to the Forks for breakfast. After parking, we walked across the street and were approached by a young woman.
"Hi. I'm hoping I could show you some of the jewelry I make. These ear rings are called "dream catchers", and I'm selling them..."
Firstly, I don't have pierced ears. Secondly, you made these? This pair? That's all you have?
"No... sorry, we're not in the market for any ear rings."
"Oh. Well could you spare some change for a King Can?"

Ahh. I get it. You got a pair of ear rings, and are now trying to hock them for some cash, maybe enough for a "snack pack" for you and your guy. I didn't take her for a gold smith.

It's so hard to give a city a chance, especially when it's residents continue to reinforce the stero types you have grown up with. No one has ever tried to sell me anything in Minneapolis, let alone begged for money.

Fast forward to the afternoon, and a quick stop at the Maryland beer store. Sure... I know... "The Maryland!?" but it was closer than anywhere else.

My fist visit had me place my order and take out my credit card. "Cash only!" the server says pointing to the sign taped to the glass.
"The sign says "no interac". It doesn't say anyting about credit cards" I said.
"Cash only", he reiterated.
"Then why not put that on your sign? Why say, " no interac" when  you mean to say "cash only". Try to be clear..." as I walked out of the store to go to a bank machine.

Upon my return ten minutes later, a short line had formed. I realized how out of my element I was after just a few moments.
One gentleman was horking into a paper towl, but eventually he just spat into the gartbage can.
A lady was going on about how,"... some (expleteve deleted)(expleteve deleted)stole my (expleteve deleted) purse last week. I'm just glad I (expleteve deleted) got my (expleteve deleted) purse back. That (expleteve deleted) (expleteve deleted). She should get a (expleteve deleted) job and not (expleteve deleted) steal for the rest of us. No wonder they're all getting (expleteve deleted) shanked. Hey, you got a party at your place? I'll buy another case of Lucky."
The other fine lady chimed in, "Ya, we cleaned up the (expleteve deleted) yard and have tunes. You should come over. We got (expleteve deleted) tunes and (expleteve deleted), 'eh."

Nice. Perhaps an etiquitte book would be an appropriate gift for her? Now I'm assuming she can read...
Garbage day... oh, sorry Don Woodstock, Recycling day was Thursday for us. We don't eat "ethnic" dishes, rather we have things like fish and chicken. Guess what? Our garbage reeks just like the ethnic folks' garbage.
Well for some reason, the garbage collectors missed our nice black stew pot that Dromo gave us, so on Friday we called 311.
"Well investigate within two business days."
So umm.... Tuesday? No shit? My can of stinking garbage will just continue to "cook" in my back yard for another 4 days, you'll "investigate", and pick it up on, wait, lemme guess... Thursday?!
I literally hold my breath before opening the lid, the stench being too much for me to endure. Whose stupid idea was this? Likely the same jack ass who is responsible for the next mess.

We sent a report to 311 of a couch in the back lane (600 blocks of Simcoe/Home) on Monday. We were given an incident number and told it would be picked up Thursday. Friday we get back to them... couch is still there.
"Well technically they have until June 15th to get that couch."
No shit. I have to endure a couch in a lane for two weeks in a city plagued by back lane fires, garages, and whatever else can be lit up with a match.
This sort of thing should be followed up in no more than two days, not two weeks. Who runs this place? Does the zoo keeper know what the monkeys are doing, or are we all in "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" mode?

I applied for a building permit for a pretty simple project back in April (50 days ago). Would someone tell me again how great the customer service survey rates P P & D? Please... if you tell me a story, it must be true! Do they really expect people to plan a small project two months before they commence it? Summer is short on this latitude. Slackers.

Old paint.
That link was July 2010 and it stated that the depots were already 5 years in planning. "These things take time" said Rod McCormick. Well... it's 2012 and we heard this announced AGAIN recently. Now there are posters at paint stores with "Coming Soon", but people are starting to write "Maybe" on them. Rod, if you paid me for seven years, I could have produced a lot more depots than you have to date. Failure. Nice to talk though. We'll start to recycle CFL bulbs as soon as they are all replaced by LEDs in this backwater.


  1. How is that escape plan coming?

  2. Your comments are so true!!!

    On the upside, I have called 3 times for our backlane light to be changed as it has been burnt out for 5 months. They changed it last week!!!!!