Friday, July 6, 2012

WPS continues to spin

You can't be a slow blogger if you want to keep up with the likes of Tom Brodbeck. He's already picked apart a lot of what "Chief in coming" Devon Clunis told a committee at City hall yesterday.
It seems he's well suited for the job, as he's risen through the ranks and has learned the double talk we've all become accustomed to. It's the well rehearsed talking points, designed to sew the seeds of, "I believe him".

Consider, “Sometimes you may hear something -- and you hear it a number of times – and all of a sudden people think there is a lot of it going on. That’s not necessarily always the true fact.
Huh? Ok... so you say, " That’s not necessarily always the true fact.”, but then it might be... right?

How about we re phrase Devon's comment for him, changing the words, but not the meaning.

Sometimes you may hear something -- and you hear it a number of times – and all of a sudden people think there is a lot of it going on. That may be the true fact.

You see... it's a whishy washy, non-committal, say nothing statement. It's worthless.
Then there's this little nugget.
"Stats and what may seem (to be) could be two different things and you have to go with the facts," (WFP)
This is rich. The guy trots out with a folder full of stats, convincing everyone around the table that crime is on the decrease... all based on stats. What are the FACTS? Well... we don't know! We don't track crime "that way".
Tracking stabbings is, "... not just a simple matter,"
Well Devon, let me make a suggestion. Figure out how someone in your force can start doing the heavy lifting. It seems the stats are really out there somewhere, but YOU (aka the WPS) arent' interested in releasing them. How do I know these stats really exist.
Take a look at this site, provided to you by... the STAT people!  

How does Winnipeg compare with other cities regarding knife violence?   WE'RE NUMBER 1!
How does Manitoba rate regarding crimes involving a knife?                    WE'RE NUMBER 1!
What is the weapon of choice when using a weapon in a crime?                A KNIFE!

Sure, these stats are old, but the fact that they exist means that Devon doesn't have to re invent the wheel. If the collection of these statistics was an ongoing thing in the modern Police force, surely Devon isn't going to tell a Committee they stopped collecting the relevant data... or will he?

Stay tuned, as I'm sure we'll be hearing more from one of the people possibly being groomed to continue the "spin" at the WPS.

Again... old news, but seemingly, Clunis has "stats" (not facts) to support his assertion that Winnipeg is indeed a "safer place".

Next time I need reassurances, I'll go see my Mom. ( she always tells me nice things)

I'm not really that afraid of getting shot, but a stabbing is another thing... I actually fear being shanked by some punk. It's silent, easily concealed, and there's little time to react. Blade under 4"? No problem, even during a pat down. 

Devon... do you wonder why a guy like me would rather have a gun? Remember the Indiana Jones line? (Oh wait, there was no line. The guy who was threatening him with a machete attack was simply shot after much hoopla with the knife).

I've never had someone pull a gun on me, but I have had someone threaten me with a knife. No one's ever threatened to "pop" me, but I have been told, "I'll cut you".

No matter... these aren't stats, they're facts. Anecdotal maybe, but still facts.

Clunis will likely want to stick with his stats, and stay away from the facts.

"Don't bring a fact to a stat fight"