Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hockey Players. How smart are they?

Not very from what I can tell.

Consider that the average players career spans 4 or 5 seasons, and the average player only plays 100 games. If they lost 10 games this season, the average player squandered 10% of his career.

Do ya think you're gonna get that back?

Add to the whole mess that I had planned to buy my old man the "jets" channel for every Christmas from last year until the end of time... now I have to buy him a pair of argyle socks. I'll bet he'd enjoy the NHL more, but alas it's outta my hands.

Oh... Gary Bettman? The guy Ian White called an idiot? He's been the commissioner for the NHL for 19 years now, and he makes $7.9 million a year.

Who's the idiot Ian? You make $2.5 million, and you're in your 5th year.

Go play hockey. (or not... life WILL go on without you)

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