Thursday, November 22, 2012

I need my fix!

Like a morning without a cup of coffee, I had become accustomed to awaiting a podcast release from Marty.
Bigger and better things were available to him, and I can imagine that preparing for his television program, City Circus, is substantially more work than recording a podcast.

Imagine having (potentially) days to piece together an audio clip, and compare that to what I assume is 45 minutes to an hour of studio time to tape (assuming they still use Beta) a show at Shaw. I really understand why he doesn't put out many pod-casts anymore.

Understanding aside, I was left without the "agitator", and since I'm a BellTV subscriber, I wasn't even able to watch without going through an onerous process of downloading the show to a memory stick, or setting up my TV to be connected to my PC... all things I would consider doing if I just had the time.

Being in my mid 40's, ( THAT explains why I was looking at mid '60s Mustang convertibles on E bay last night!), the whole, "Down load an app or a program, convert the file, save it in a format, paste it into iTunes..." get's a little cumbersome. It's not that I'm computer illiterate, let's just say I have a "stutter".

I found the fix! (another allusion to the title in a different manner than the "coffee fix")

There is a program called Clip Converter that is uber simple. (how do I make those two dots over the U in those types of words?)

Simply open the page, past the You tube link into the obvious field, tell it to save in whatever format you want (in my case an Mp3) and when it finished, download the file to your "download" file. Then drag it to your iTunes and voila ! (No, that's not a "French" company that Sam sold all our water to...)

Today, my five hours of driving will be made more tolerable by being able to get my "fix". I just hope I don't OD.

Keep up the good work Marty, and good luck with that... I'll let Marty tell you.

(Cue the foreshadowing organ music clip) 

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  1. I am very honoured that you have done this post about my work. You are correct about the resources I have to devote to City Circus exceeding my original estimates. However I have stepped up the number of blog posts of late - this week with reminders of Theresa Oswald and Greg Selinger's election controversies - and there will be a Podcast this weekend, just after our 6th Anniversary.