Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IKEA IS OPENING! (Why don’t I care?)

Everyone is a buzz. Winnipeg will finally have a dot on the IKEA map. We're going to have a location here, open, functioning... full of all that neat "stuff" that they have quality manufacturers make and ship world wide.Stuff in flat boxes…
Well... maybe not "quality", but hey, it's fairly decent for the price. (Comparing it to Jysk anyway)
Having an IKEA close might have me go in and buy a few things now and then, but I'd think long and hard about a "pack the vehicle to the brim and then tie stuff to the roof" kinda shopping trips I've gone to the Minneapolis IKEA for. I have seriously loaded my SUV to the breaking point at their loading zone, having the interior compartment packed, longer material splitting the front passenger from the driver, the roof loaded, and the rear hitch platform carried two chaise loungers which obscured the tail lights AND the third brake light.
Why would I carefully consider spending my time (and money) here instead of there?  
Consider the following items and the cost differences between the US and Canada.
US price is $1375.00                              Canadian price is $1591.00
Sure. A couple of hundred bucks… big deal.
It’s NOT a couple of hundred dollars, it’s $216.00, which is more than I’d pay for diesel, and I did mention my type of buying spree, right? Loaded to the top of a pick up truck cab? (Done that too!)
This random sampling shows about a 14% disparity, but consider that on Saturday, my son purchased the two cabinets shown at the “advanced opening by invitation only”, because I only needed the two.
Suddenly I’m out $348 instead of $200. ouch  $148 bucks? what is that… 46% more? On 2 items!
The Swedes are smart people. They look at our country, and realize what stupid people we are… so they decide to open a store here to accommodate us. The citizens will flock to it, regardless of getting gouged.
“Winnipeg has it’s swagger back” wrote the Sun http://www.winnipegsun.com/2012/11/24/ikea-gives-winnipeg-its-swagger-back
Ya. I remember our last “swagger” Winnipeg had. There are a pair of idiots somewhere sporting the “swaggerville” tattoos. http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/08/11/making-swaggerville-permanent
Our battle cry must be understood as      Screw me. I’m Canadian!


  1. If they charge more, then the competition with local business won't be as severe as expected. Employees will get paid more, and everyone wins. Plus Canada is a smaller population with duties of its own.

  2. The price difference between the U.S. and Canada is hard to reconcile.

    I always hear some people say the only way it will change for the States to take us over. But then we would have to pay for their debt. :p

  3. So you would rather the Employees be F*ck over as the American employees just so that you can get the same prices?