Friday, November 16, 2012

Well THIS got me going a few days ago...

I bent one of my "rules" a few days ago, and didn't change the radio station on the Drive Home. (Typically as soon as I hear that show is on, my station is changed.)Someone was going on about how incensed they were that City Hall was towing vehicles from streets that were being plowed as a "courtesy", and placing warnings on the windshields instead of ticketing them.

The words "taxpayers" and "revenue" came up in regards to the missed opportunity to ticket the cars with the $150 fine.

Let's review this a bit, for the young, (and older "traffic" guy) as well as the host of the show.

Winnipeg attempted to roll out a "new snow clearing" campaign last year. "Know your zone" was the theme, with a grader and a loader animated as army officers attempted to educate Winnipeg drivers.

Unfortunately, there was no snow last year to speak of, and they rolled the "new" program out late in the year. Frankly, I don't ever remember the City utilizing the "new" approach in 2011...not even once. Ddoes the "media outlet" have any record of it being used last year? (Not that objective news reporting is a thing we see a lot of in Winnipeg.)

I'm forgetful. Combine that with my PVR and my propensity to completely ignore  annoying radio hosts without more than one topic for a day that they reiterate over and over again, small children who are misbehaved AND commercials if I happen to be watching a live TV show (from a Winnipeg feed) and one can see how someone might have missed the whole campaign last year OR simply forgot all about it.

Personally, I get e-mail updates from the City. They tell me when and where plowing happens. That said, others might not, and they may not be tied to their computer, smart phone, the television... people can actually be busy living their lives, or just trying to survive. Is that an excuse?

Let's consider the following.

We've recently had a simply awful transition in our recycling program that I still, and will for ever call "garbage day".(Sorry Mr. Woodstock)  I don't like the new system, I never will, it was poorly conceived when it was first "rolled out", and remains as such. The thing is that we heard, "Well, it's a new system, and the City needs time to work out the kinks."

Now we have yet another debacle, where garbage day and the "new" parking ban coincide, and with annoying results. "It can't be helped. We tried to schedule around it, but couldn't."

I'm amazed by how these people who are given a microphone and work for a "news station" can sit there and spout off their own misconceived ideas about how the world works, yet think that regurgitating the news as prattled off to them by some mouth piece from the City only to be spewed over the airwaves as if it were gospel is actually objective reporting.

This "Oddone" on CJOB can come visit the West End sometime and show us all with 25' lots how we can entertain family for a short visit on a snow clearing day. My Mom and Dad (who are seniors) can't come visit unless they check the website, or spend 20 minutes on hold calling 311, to find out what zone they're going to visit us in, and if there are parking restrictions on our street.

Sure... I get how a 12 hour shift makes more sense than the old way, but this young, opinionated traffic reporter from the sky went on to tell everyone tuned in that "Snow happens every year... this isn't new people!" and "What did you do last year!?". She was incensed by the whole idea of the City NOT ticketing people.

Clown school grad no doubt.

For as long as I can remember, the residential overnight parking ban was called over the whole city from 24:00 to 6:00 or there about... I can't seem to find the exact info as it appears that all the new releases regarding the implementation of the ban seem to have been removed from the 2011 press release records. (I presume that was done so as not to provide anyone with an excuse as to when they park). Some of us have delt with THAT way of doing thing for MANY years Ms.Odd one, so forgive those who missed the first implementation of the "new" way of doing things.

Yes, I knew. I told my visitors they had to park half a block away in a church parking lot (at 21:30 (a fairly respectable time of the evening), even thought the street had already been cleared because, "Those City parking patrols are a$$ holes. They're mandated to ticket anything they can now that they're a special "arms length" body."

My personal disdain for the City, and the Parking people led me to know these things, while others who don't make the effort I do to stay informed may not... like my company.

So Ms. Odd one, Ms. "Drive at Five" ,and Mr. "Traffic guy", come visit me some evening where your only choice as my guest is to park on the street, figure out where to park your vehicles, or better still, forget to check the web site because you don't want/need/have a smart phone at your finger tips, and get a ticket and get your car pulled around the block. Then tell me how you enjoyed your evening as my guests. (BYOB Brian)

I'll never invite YOU to a party, because I can't have one this winter... you never know when it might snow, and as the Odd one says, "This isn't new PEOPLE... it snows in Winnipeg." As a result, we can't actually PLAN a house party. Using the Odd one's thinking, we need to be prepared for it... it might snow, and there might be a parking ban that might be between 7:00 and 19:00, or between 19:00 and 7:00. We can't be sure which.

The new method may do a better job at allowing the crews to clear the streets, but it has a far greater negative impact on the citizens of Winnipeg... one great city (as the Odd one has on her Facebook page).

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