Thursday, December 20, 2012

So much to comment on, so little time (left)

I got busy... so I'm very glad to know that there are people out there who take the time to continue their public service.

End of the World

There's this clown in Fraserwood for example... goes by the name of Dr. Good Greens. Yes... he's smoked a lot of good greens in his life, and if there is a poster child for telling your kids, "Don't do drugs or you'll wind up like THAT idiot", he's the man.

One of the masses who believes that is a world wide conspiracy to "seed" clouds to cover up a planet on a collision course with earth, or Wormwood somehow evident in naturally occurring cirrus clouds, people like him are only exceeded in their naivete by the over 700,000 people who view the dreck he posts on Youtube, asserting that he "sees" these things, when really, most of his videos have mountains in the background. Last time I checked, the only "pile" around Fraserwood was the pile of shit he stirs up.

A non typical sort of prophet, he's a bit of a doofus who, while preaching the "end of the world" renovates a house he and his "partner" lived in, to sell. If the worlds ending... why sell? What's cash going to do for you're the only few left, managing to hide in your root cellar until the solar winter passes and you alone are left to populate the earth? (God help mankind)

End of a political Career (I hope)

Not far behind are other idiots like my local clown who is also my MP. Likely a man who enjoys a stiff drink every once and a while, dear old Pat went on another one of his personal Christian bashing missions against Youth for Christ. His stand against anything that has to do with the first five letters of CHRISTmas, and those who call themselves followers of the teaching of the first five letters of that word, he recently posted some nonsensical drivel about how their building is "empty".

Apparently there is something empty, and it's you're choice.

  1. Pat's head
  2. Pat's rum bottle
  3. All of the above
Apparently Pat closed his twitter account, which is what all good twits should do. (Evander Kane, take note)

End of NHL Hockey Season

Speaking of Kane... give it a rest. He's a 21 year old with LOTS of disposable cash. I think he's permitted to misstep if not solely because of his age, but because he's just lost out on a really big chunk of his LIFETIME earnings by missing half a season. Live it up, because you probably have few well honed skills to fall back on if hockey doesn't work out. ("Would you like fries with that?)

Continuing Financial Mismanagement

Hydro wants another rate increase, and I'm sure some actuary will be able to calculate the total percentage increase over the next 20 years for us, but my simple mind doesn't let me calculate a geometric mean with any accuracy... and neither do any of the MSM since no one has ever told the rate payer what a bill that increases every year by 3.9% actually comes to. What I do know is that so far this year hydro has increased my monthly bill by 3.5% once, so let's say I paid an average of $120 monthly...

120 x 3.5%= 124.20

124.20 x 3.5% = 128.55

Eight bucks a month? Are you daft? Why, so we can tell one another that these fancy new generating stations will "secure our children's future"?  Next year that's $133.05! Then $137.70. The next year is $142.52... As if. Today's NDP will be referred to by our children (and their children) the same way I referred to the Liberals of the 70's who fettered away untold amounts of financial reserves, mismanaged CPP and decimated much of Canada's real wealth only to have the future workers pick up the slack. Can a landlord dictate a 3.5% annual increase? Can I demand that from my employer?

The real fools are the sheep who continue to elect social workers with no "real" work experience, while criticizing someone for building their personal wealth after a lifetime of work. Whoever is left... remember to turn out the lights. You won't be able to afford to keep them on after the best, brightest, and even the 40 watt bulbs have fled the province.

To my children, who I love dearly... RUN

On the good new side of things...

West End CRIG

I got a Christmas post card from my old buddy Don Woodstock. No, I've never met Don, but I've commented on him and I know he's read this blog occasionally. Don ran as a liberal (which doesn't help his credibility) but I do respect anyone who puts their name out there to run for public office, even if it's for the Manitoba Liberal Party. I liked that Don and his family had a Christmas tree in their photo, I didn't like the sanitized "Happy Holidays", but I've come to accept that people are either too concerned about being too politically correct to express a greeting that includes reference to a religious holiday. 

I have to admit that my first thought was, "Campaigning a little early?", but the card made no reference to anything political, rather it invited people to a free BBQ (and he lists his phone number and address) as well as a plan to create a "Community Residential Improvement Guide" which I guess will act as a sort of "Angie's list" of contractors, secretarial, accounting, and other services located in the West End.

Good on you Don. I've poked fun at some of your past ideas, (like the staged phone call to the PM), so I have to give a thumbs up to a good idea.

Maybe I'll take him up on that BBQ... I've always meant to try Jamaican, but never have.

Final Words

If the world is still here after the 21st (as I suspect it will be), I'll post again. 

The thing about these "end of the world" idiots is that most of them are still too stupid to realize that there's really NO NEED to change the oil in the car, or get the brakes done (yes, I met one of those too. The world will turn upside down with the poles flipping, water will inundate the world, he purchased high ground somewhere in Ethelbert MB or something after calculating how many feet ASL he needed to be... and had to get his brakes fixed.)

The older I get, the more I realize that we share a lot of space with people who take it up unnecessarily.

BTW... Idle no more ? Getting jobs are we? Didn't you consider the double entendre of that slogan?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

An apple is an apple


Good Sam… very good. Do you know any others?

“An orange is an orange.”

Excellent! And can an orange be an apple?


My turn to paraphrase. “Shit by any other name will still stink like shit”

(a twist on a line from Shakespeare,  Romeo and Juliet )

Sam was commenting on the dire position of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. Mr. Ford was taken to court by an extreme left leaning person, on the basis of a conflict of interest. Rob’s mistake was (as I understand it) to solicit funds for a football team on his letterhead.

Ford was never in any position to actually MAKE any money, his friends were never in a position to MAKE any money… this was a football team trying to raise a few bucks. The fact that Rob actually broke a law aside, he was never in any position to PROFIT from his actions.

To quote Judge Hackland , Mayor Ford's case, by comparison, "involved a modest amount of money which he endeavoured to raise for a legitimate charity, which is administered at arm's length through the Community Foundation of Toronto." (Ottawa Citizen)

Read more:

Those small points aside, the law is the law (the law is also, at times, an ass) )Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist ) and Ford was found guilty of breaking the somewhat archaic conflict rules Toronto has. The aforementioned acts were NOT the greatest of his transgressions. What Ford did was to vote AGAINST a motion by council to have him repay the money people donated at his behest. Not only did he vote against the motion, but he SPOKE against it at the council meeting.

So, Sam is right… the lawsuit by Cathay House owner Joe Chan isn’t the same. Joe doesn’t seem to have hired a slick lawyer, and so far, council hasn’t asked Sam to repay the expense account he charged the visit to his brother’s restaurant and Sam hasn’t voted on that motion that hasn’t happened yet.

Case closed? NOT SO FAST!

Sam repeatedly gets himself mired in a mess that defies any common sense held by any person of reasonable intelligence. Let’s see…

Hire a good friend to be the CAO

Hire a good friend to be the developer/realtor of choice for the City

Hire a good friend to build fire halls without a contract or a tender

Hire your father-in-law to run the City’s vehicle fleet

Buy a million dollar house off the sister-in-law of the good friend who is the developer/realtor AND fire hall builder for $10 and other unmentioned “valuable considerations”

Rent a city parking lot cheap next to a ball park you own

Did I forget anything? (Probably… I’m just going by memory here)

Ford is pretty clean by comparison, and frankly, I wouldn’t blame a left ( or right, or centrist) leaning citizen from asking the WPS or the RCMP to investigate.

A Rose  Shit by any other name…

As other’s have said before. This doesn’t pass the sniff test.