Saturday, December 1, 2012

An apple is an apple


Good Sam… very good. Do you know any others?

“An orange is an orange.”

Excellent! And can an orange be an apple?


My turn to paraphrase. “Shit by any other name will still stink like shit”

(a twist on a line from Shakespeare,  Romeo and Juliet )

Sam was commenting on the dire position of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. Mr. Ford was taken to court by an extreme left leaning person, on the basis of a conflict of interest. Rob’s mistake was (as I understand it) to solicit funds for a football team on his letterhead.

Ford was never in any position to actually MAKE any money, his friends were never in a position to MAKE any money… this was a football team trying to raise a few bucks. The fact that Rob actually broke a law aside, he was never in any position to PROFIT from his actions.

To quote Judge Hackland , Mayor Ford's case, by comparison, "involved a modest amount of money which he endeavoured to raise for a legitimate charity, which is administered at arm's length through the Community Foundation of Toronto." (Ottawa Citizen)

Read more:

Those small points aside, the law is the law (the law is also, at times, an ass) )Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist ) and Ford was found guilty of breaking the somewhat archaic conflict rules Toronto has. The aforementioned acts were NOT the greatest of his transgressions. What Ford did was to vote AGAINST a motion by council to have him repay the money people donated at his behest. Not only did he vote against the motion, but he SPOKE against it at the council meeting.

So, Sam is right… the lawsuit by Cathay House owner Joe Chan isn’t the same. Joe doesn’t seem to have hired a slick lawyer, and so far, council hasn’t asked Sam to repay the expense account he charged the visit to his brother’s restaurant and Sam hasn’t voted on that motion that hasn’t happened yet.

Case closed? NOT SO FAST!

Sam repeatedly gets himself mired in a mess that defies any common sense held by any person of reasonable intelligence. Let’s see…

Hire a good friend to be the CAO

Hire a good friend to be the developer/realtor of choice for the City

Hire a good friend to build fire halls without a contract or a tender

Hire your father-in-law to run the City’s vehicle fleet

Buy a million dollar house off the sister-in-law of the good friend who is the developer/realtor AND fire hall builder for $10 and other unmentioned “valuable considerations”

Rent a city parking lot cheap next to a ball park you own

Did I forget anything? (Probably… I’m just going by memory here)

Ford is pretty clean by comparison, and frankly, I wouldn’t blame a left ( or right, or centrist) leaning citizen from asking the WPS or the RCMP to investigate.

A Rose  Shit by any other name…

As other’s have said before. This doesn’t pass the sniff test.

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  1. My thinking is that Sam's own actions have probably annoyed a sufficient number of Council members that he has probably lost sufficient credibility to make him a lame duck. I think they are just waiting for the right moment to pounce but I do wish it would be sooner than later.