Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winter Road Season Extended!

Due to the extended cold weather, and the very cold temperatures this winter, the ice roads are still in great condition.

That means the season is extended, the roads are open, and goods can continue to be ferried to northern communities... right?

Now why on earth would you think THAT?

The season is over, roads are closed, and everyone has gone home, including the "ice road truckers" cast and crew.

Why? The Manitoba Department of Highways said the roads were closed.

You see, when it's an early spring, and the roads are shut because the ice is covered with water, the pressure ridges are seeping, and the snow pack disappears as a result of warm weather, they Department charged with measuring the thickness and inherent safety of the roads deems them closed, and THEN everyone goes home.

When the weather is cold, and the calendar says, "Easter weekend", the pin heads figure out what it will cost to pay staff for Good Friday, Easter Sunday. Easter Monday, and figure that there's not any money in paying that overtime, so to hell with everyone... the roads are closed.

While the roads are officially "open", trucks and their loads are insured. These are official "roads" after all, but if they're closed, and you dump a trailer of much needed heating fuel into a lake, regardless of the fact that it could have happened at ANY time in the season, You're responsible for the environmental clean up, as well as the cost of your trailer, and rig.

How may takers to driving a load up sans insurance?

There are always a few renegades, thinking they'll pull off one more haul and charge through the nose for it, but why in a year like this one?

Mismanagement, a typical and constant theme of the inept bureaucrats that manage our Province.

Where is Steve Ashton, upset at the fact that a longer than usual season has been cut short? We hear about the short seasons... and the impact on all the poor people living without road access. Why doesn't anyone talk about an extended season?

It doesn't sound terribly sexy... so we'll have to wait to watch this years ice road truckers next year... I'm sure it will be VERY exciting, fraught with danger, and have none of the s*!t the real truckers have to tolerate.

"Hey... Buddy. Whatcha' doin' on my land?"
"I'm unloading this heating oil."
"Ya well you better do it fast 'eh... and get off my land."

Typically ,there is an awkward silence, but the conversation should continue something like,

"Listen you stupid shit. It's not YOUR land, it belongs to the Crown, and Her Majesty let's you squat on Her land. Frankly I wouldn't shit in this Godforsaken place, and no one wants to leave faster than I do."

But alas, the trucker figures out that the nearest STARS ambulance is three hours out, and then someone would have to come in and get his truck... so he's quiet, unloads, and heads back for another load, to be delivered to people who take no time to appreciate their efforts. They are after all, entitled.

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  1. Same people determine the shut down date for the forks trails in the winter and the splash pads in the summer. You really should not be too critical of them because living in Phoenix as they do, they are a little short of "on the ground" knowledge