Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Workin' hard at lookin' busy

I'm approaching my fifth decade. In that time, I've followed politics. Not religiously, but more than the average person. I've read and watched the news daily... I've tried to stay informed.

I don't ever recall any government spending so much time, energy, and money on telling me how much they are doing for me.

My rule of thumb is that if you need to tell me how busy you are, you're not.

Consider that you can't hold a cell phone, ipad, navigation device, or anything else other than a slimy, dripping cheese burger while driving, nor can you smoke in your car with your own children in it. (the irony of THAT piece of legislation is likely lost on the gov given the on going Phoenix Sinclair debacle).

Under 18? YOU have to wear a bicycle helmet. We're "Focused on what matters most" and that's protecting you from yourself (and redistributing your wealth). http://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?archive=month&item=17258

Yesterday? Designating historical trees. No shit. You can read allllll about it here http://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?archive=&item=17280

Seriously? You run up a debt larger than Cyprus and you pass tree rules? Lemme guess, Selinger's roof leaks, but he's painting his living room as you read this.

Nothing is safe. Did you read the first flood report? A self congratulatory politicization of an event that continued to be an exercise in providing propaganda to the masses, telling them how much they've done to "help the little people" affected by flooding. The "little people" recently tried to tell us how they haven't been paid while Minister Ashton spouts off numbers of dollars provided as compensation.

Was there political interference causing the delay in the "Flood review" that had it released, along with the billion dollars in costs (many of which are NOT new initiatives to control flooding, rather they have been around since the Portage Diversion was opened) just prior to the PST hike? No... no one would have interfered like that!

Worker safety... this one gets press on a monthly basis. It's gotten so that we need to add people killed on airplanes to drive up the numbers or "work related" deaths. I think the NDP should add all the vehicle fatalities of people driving to and from work too... the list of "work related deaths" is about 60% "related" to work, but "related" can be pretty far removed. (Consider your third cousin you're related to, and have never actually met... you're related). http://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?archive=month&item=17270

Street racers beware! The NDP will be after you! Like this will help? Isn't street racing and impaired driving already illegal? How many minions toiled away at these new, tougher rules? I can hardly wait for the Police to add this one to their Cherry Picking Sunday night enforcement routine. Devon must be giddy with this new "tool". http://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?archive=month&item=17233

Basement flooding. Really? C'mon people... protect your house on your own. Spend some cash, put in your own sump pit/pump. Basements should be covered for absolutely nothing except the exterior insulation and drywall. If you want to put in a rec room, you have the $ to put in a sump pump http://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?archive=month&item=17199

It's tiring... don't even get me going on Hydro's recent propaganda, using the money they get from rate increases to tell me how it' now my responsibility to invest in Manitoba's "future".

I've seen the future. I can't afford it. (ABC- How to be a Millionaire)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They redeem themselves

So my beautiful wife went to Home Despot again to get prices on appliances so she could beat up Future Shop. While there, a sales person actually came and tried to help, and then the strangest thing happened.

She actually did help!

My wife explained the difficulty we had at our last visit, and even explained that she was just there to write down prices and go buy the units at Future Shop.

"Oh I can do better than that price. And bases? sure, we can get those, let me find the price. Where are they going? Ohhh out of town, we can deliver them and set them up, even take out the old ones for an extra $20."

New appliances were bought. It is amazing that salesman #1 has a job at all, and salesman #2 isn't store manager material yet.

Perhaps there's hope.

My wife told her about the blog... maybe she's reading it.

Thanks for helping.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Customer Service. A thing of the past...

... that we'll likely talk about as old timers with grandchildren giggling, thinking, "It was never really like that".

Alas, in Home Despot this evening (because Rona didn't have a third of the items on my list), and we mused about firing off a cannon, hitting no staff, and likely not even having them hear us, we found most things on our list... sort of. No ten foot long shelving, only eight foot, (meaning three feet of waste off each piece), a bunch of other things we substituted... a typical deal.

The evening ended when we were trying to buy a washer and dryer set. We couldn't decide on the thousand dollar pair, or the $1200 pair, so we asked for help. You see, we wanted to know how much the bases were for the front load units.

I went looking for a staff member, who seem to scurry away when they see you coming. Finally finding one, we explained that we wanted to know how much bases were for "this set". She looked at us quizzically and said, "One hundred ninety six dollars."
"Oh... OK. For the bases"
"Yes, for these ones. Washer and dryer."
"You mean one thousand ninety six dollars?"
"Oh. Yes."
"I want a price for the bases... to lift them up. I want them higher so I don't have to go down so far to to the laundry." I got down on my knees to demonstrate.

She left, and returned in a few minutes.  "One hundred fifty dollars to lift up. puts dryer on washer."

"Stacking? We don't want stacking, we want bases."
"That all I found on computer."
"We'll go to Future Shop"

Brutal. Loosing market share? DON'T be surprised.

From everything I've seen... no one really cares.