Thursday, April 18, 2013

Customer Service. A thing of the past...

... that we'll likely talk about as old timers with grandchildren giggling, thinking, "It was never really like that".

Alas, in Home Despot this evening (because Rona didn't have a third of the items on my list), and we mused about firing off a cannon, hitting no staff, and likely not even having them hear us, we found most things on our list... sort of. No ten foot long shelving, only eight foot, (meaning three feet of waste off each piece), a bunch of other things we substituted... a typical deal.

The evening ended when we were trying to buy a washer and dryer set. We couldn't decide on the thousand dollar pair, or the $1200 pair, so we asked for help. You see, we wanted to know how much the bases were for the front load units.

I went looking for a staff member, who seem to scurry away when they see you coming. Finally finding one, we explained that we wanted to know how much bases were for "this set". She looked at us quizzically and said, "One hundred ninety six dollars."
"Oh... OK. For the bases"
"Yes, for these ones. Washer and dryer."
"You mean one thousand ninety six dollars?"
"Oh. Yes."
"I want a price for the bases... to lift them up. I want them higher so I don't have to go down so far to to the laundry." I got down on my knees to demonstrate.

She left, and returned in a few minutes.  "One hundred fifty dollars to lift up. puts dryer on washer."

"Stacking? We don't want stacking, we want bases."
"That all I found on computer."
"We'll go to Future Shop"

Brutal. Loosing market share? DON'T be surprised.

From everything I've seen... no one really cares.

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