Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They redeem themselves

So my beautiful wife went to Home Despot again to get prices on appliances so she could beat up Future Shop. While there, a sales person actually came and tried to help, and then the strangest thing happened.

She actually did help!

My wife explained the difficulty we had at our last visit, and even explained that she was just there to write down prices and go buy the units at Future Shop.

"Oh I can do better than that price. And bases? sure, we can get those, let me find the price. Where are they going? Ohhh out of town, we can deliver them and set them up, even take out the old ones for an extra $20."

New appliances were bought. It is amazing that salesman #1 has a job at all, and salesman #2 isn't store manager material yet.

Perhaps there's hope.

My wife told her about the blog... maybe she's reading it.

Thanks for helping.

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