Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A bully in orange clothing

I was wondering... can you charge the NDP with bullying?

Consider Struther's handling of the Jockey Club situation. Does this not a bully make?

Waltz in, threaten people, tell them you're above the law, tell everyone that you're just giving them what they deserve, and then pile your favours on to some other group while leaving that one out to dry...

Never mind what the "rules are".

And Selinger with his PST hike?

Again, the attitude of, "I make the rules so lump it", prevails. The arrogance of a bully is obvious, and they're beginning to become despised for more than being inept. People are starting to notice.

There are some differences between "Today's NDP" and your typical schoolyard bully, but not many. One is that you don't elect a bully, nor do they have terms. Basically in school, you could always stand up to the bully and bloody his nose, but that seems to be increasingly hard to do.

The Jockey Club has, and good on them. What's really smarmy is the defense run by the Government lawyer.

"There's nothing to talk about as this proposed law is not law. It may not even pass in the Legislature."

Right... like the PST? It won't be law by July 1 either, yet we hear that retailers are obliged to collect the extra percent. Is this a little like having your cake and eating it too, or is it bullying?

Well, why don't we let the "law" as proposed answer that. Bill 18 is here for you to review, and you should because you're going to have to modify your behaviour. http://web2.gov.mb.ca/bills/40-2/b018e.php

Interpretation: "bullying"
1.2(1)      In this Act, "bullying" is behaviour that
(a) is intended to cause, or should be known to cause, fear, intimidation, humiliation, distress or other forms of harm to another person's body, feelings, self-esteem, reputation or property;

Well, so far the NDP fit's the bully definition to a T. Struthers bullied, (and continues to bully) the Jockey club. But this is just an interpretation on my part, I mean is this a fair interpretation? Maybe the Act will clarify this a bit.

Characteristics and forms
1.2(2)      Bullying
(a) characteristically takes place in a context of a real or perceived power imbalance between the people involved and is typically, but need not be, repeated behaviour; 

So far that seems to check out. The NDP certainly are in a position of power, and we're seeing this as a pattern of behaviour.

So there you have it. The NDP are basically school yard bullies, telling schoolyard bullies that they need to stop being bullies... only they get to be bullies... because they make the rules... which in and of itself makes them...bullies (by their own definition).

When is the next "fixed" election? (I think "fixed election" should be re branded. In a Banana Republic like ours, it has a whole different context)

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