Friday, August 2, 2013

Where the left hand and the right have no idea what they're doing

Winnipeg. What can one say about a city where in the same month City Council votes to entice people to live down town with a $10,000 and then flips on it?

Why would council even consider the idea? Is there even a need to be enticed to live downtown?

Not at all. The place is vibrant, with all kids of least according to one city staffer.

"It's not discouraging people (from living there)," Topolniski said. "You have cultural, education, residential and businesses. I think this mostly is supporting the balance between all these groups to help the area become an extremely vibrant community."

Excellent. The Winnipeg Parking Authority has spoken, and we all know (having run into one of those "meter maids") that once they say something, it must be so.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking a side on the parking permits, or the $10K bribe, I'm just saying that these two are at completely different ends of the spectrum as far as downtown policy goes.

The fact that someone hasn't called him on the carpet amazes me, but that's only if you can draw a line connecting Council actually seriously considering  giving people $10K to move downtown, and this clowns plan to take away the ability of those very people to park.

Listen up Winnipeg staffers. YOU don't get to tell people what they "want" or "need". YOU might make decisions that impact everyone, but you can't seriously believe your own schtick...can you?

Then there's the reporter. Kevin Rollason who pretty much gave Topolinski a by when his opine went unchallenged. I guess I'll have to do it.

Randy. What IS discouraging people from living there? Tell us, knower of all things related to our ailing downtown. (My guess is that it would be pretty quiet)

Here's what I can tell you Randy.

Winnipeg is a very difficult city to live in without a car. I've traveled the world and have never run across a city so hopelessly planned out insofar as public transportation goes. If you have no need to access the rest of the city, then you're right... so can we assume Randy doesn't get out much?

Does Randy park downtown? I'll bet he has a spot assigned to him. Why? Would working downtown be unpalatable for him if he didn't have a spot to park?

How many other people working at the WPA have parking spots the WPA pays for downtown? Does teh WPA have it's own parking? That's all completely unnecessary... pay your own way, after all, it's no big deal! Heck there are some really nice spots you can lease monthly for about $175.

The article states that Topolniski said area residents were given a year to look for alternative parking.

My take on that? You have a year to move.

I'll bet there's even a glowing report that tells people about the "public consultation" that went into this.

It is easy to see why Winnipeg is sick.