Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A trip to the dump. More fun than it should be.

It seems that I seem to have issues with most City of Winnipeg services. The landfill is no different.

I attended the "dump" this evening with a loaded trailer. As I pulled onto scale #1 (scale #2 is regularly CLOSED), the nice attendant (at 7:16 pm) said, "You're a little heavy, so I'll have to ask you to weigh back on your way out."
"Why's that? I thought the sign said "Pickup trucks and single axle trailers $11"".
"You're allowed 500kg free garbage, but after that it's prorated at $46.50 a tonn."

I drove off to unload and returned after beating the tar out of my full time 4wd, scraping the underbelly on the brutally deficient donkey path. I considered my self very fortunate that I didn't hear the ominous "hisssssssssss" so typical of a visit to the finely oiled machine known as Brady Road. After being told where to dump, I left my trailer full behind and drove back to the scale.

"You dumped 800kg, so that will be $34.80."
"Umm. What about the 500 free kilos, and the prorated charge?"
"Well sir, you have to pay on the entire load after 500 kilo. Had you dumper 600 kilo, I would have charged you about $26. We charge you for everything in the load if it's over 500 kilo."
"But that's NOT what you told me. YOU said it's prorated. You do understand what prorated means... right?
"I just work here."
""Well I just work somewhere too, but my boss would hold me to account if I gave out bad information."
"All the information is on the website, and if you have a problem with that, you can call 311."

Ahh yes. The inept public employee, proud member of CUPE, defender of all things good like water and the public services we all rely on, and likely well compensated in spite of her inability to understand the meaning of the words she strings together in a sentence tells me to go to hell call 311. Isn't THAT choice. Send me to some other useless branch of the city that will promise...nothing and deliver even less.

"BFI dump is at least honest. They advertise a price for pickups and trailers and actually charge THAT price, not some game you play here. Quite a scam you have going!"

"Go there then. Have a nice evening."

This is the level of service you can expect at pretty much every City run facility. "I don't give a shit, no one can fire me, and you can't even complain to my boss because 311 won't let you near them."

Pro rated. I assumed that meant that AFTER the "free 500 kg" they'd charge me, and even THAT goes against everything their signage indicates.

A review of the site she referred me to concurs with everything but her own inability to use the word "prorated" in a sentence correctly.


That said, I don't know how to set my bathroom scale under the wheels of my trailer and weigh my garbage. Maybe if I weighed every item before I put them into the trailer. Even the web site is confusing.

The picture shows lane 2 (never open) as being for pick-up trucks and trailers... that's the ONLY sign there.

Brady Road Resource Management Facility (Brady Road Landfill) entrance sign
You'd just believe that when you have a pick-up truck, or a car with a trailer (as I did), that you're in for $11.


You're in a vehicle OVER 1/2 Ton. Is that over a half ton... like a 3/4 ton truck? Like a one ton truck?

WTF are you meaning to say on your sign? do you mean all loads over a half a tonne? You see, words have meanings. Are we talking weight? tare, gross? vehicle description? The pictures indicate a 1/2 ton truck a car with a trailer... lane 2, so if you CLOSE lane 2, I have to go through lane 1. NOW you weigh me, regardless of the fact that I am driving neither of the two vehicles pictured.

You're a cheat.

If you mean all loads that tare over 500 kilos (as in a half a tonne) then SAY half a TONNE, don't say over a 1/2 ton. Did you consult with a weasel to determine how to screw people over more effectively?

Randy Park is the head cheese there, (epoisses cheeses I assume, at least the way it smelled when I was there). Did you authorize this sign... and the unclear web info? Perhaps you could review the training for folks at the scale. Teach them how to use the word "prorated".

Don't even get me started on the provincial "tax everything" environmental levy of $8.00 . Didn't you already tax the consumable items I am now discarding? Taxing me again, are you?

Typical terrible service, no one to complain to, and most of all, no one who cares.

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  1. If all you had was a loaded trailer you should have paid $11.

    If you have a 1 ton pick-up (eg. F-350) then you pay by weight regardless of how much you have, so if you're hauling a mere 300 kg you're going to pay more than $11.

    The person you dealt with didn't know what they were doing. Terrible service.