Saturday, September 28, 2013

RUSH - Movie review

My wife and I are of different times insofar as the mid 1970's goes. I remember some of the going on in F1, watching some of the races, I knew of the rivalries , World Driving Championship outcomes, and other events.

She has come to know F1 because I watch every race in a season, either at 6:55 Sunday morning, or recorded on the PVR. Aside from that, F1 means nothing to her.

Between us, we viewed the movie through different interests insofar as the topic of racing goes, but both came away talking about what an excellent movie we had just seen.

Set in a time when racing was far more dangerous than it is today, Ron Howard does an excellent job of telling the story of race car drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt. I won't spoil the movie for you if you don't know how it ends, but even if you do remember the season, the events, the drivers, this is likely a story that you'll thoroughly enjoy. The casting is incredible in that Niki's accent is spot on, and both are dead ringers for the original men. Little known Daniel Bruhl is an incredible likeness to Lauda, and the character portrayal and accent are amazing.

Chris Hemsworth plays James Hunt, the Playboy/bad boy to a T, and between them we get a glimpse of what the "behind the scenes" life can be like in a world charged with the egos of people who have to be a little "out there", willing to strap themselves to a fuel tank with an engine at speeds that defy the average persons ability to even process information, let alone make a driving decision. Let's face it, these guys are all a little nuts.

You don't have to be an F1 fan to become completely involved in this very entertaining movie.

 Statler and Waldorf give this one "Two thumbs up"


Perhaps I live under a rock, but I had no idea this was available. I had seen the ticket upgrades at the kiosk, but didn't know what the D-Box up sell was. Moving seats...

The floor rumbles in the last row behind the D-Box enough for me, and I don't know that I wouldn't have found it distracting... I don't have to be "there" to enjoy the movie.

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