Friday, September 20, 2013

The Bombers, IGF, buses, and the food

So it was our first trip to Investors Group Field. Some of me was curious to see what sort of stadium Asper built started, but mostly I thought that by buying a ticket this late in the season, they'd have a decent team.

Well... maybe I'll just focus on the stadium since I'm not really an arm chair coach, and I think that any team that implodes on a 20 point lead... well let's say that attendance was down, and will likely continue to slide.

You see, attending costs money, and opportunity cost. "What else could I be doing?" I could have been going to the cabin... but we decided to go see a game.

We took the bus. The trip there was probably the best part of the evening. The 36 super express was right on time and got us pretty much to the door. No after getting "scanned", we looked for signs to help us find our section. 228. Numbers other than "Level 200" were no where to be seen, so I suggested that we try the section on our left.        Wrong!

Next side. Sure, I suppose that the lower section and upper section numbers would correspond, but since the sign I looked at simply said "Level 200", I made some assumptions. I think a sign with the section numbers would be clearer, but maybe this was just an issue for me.

Now we had found our section. It was about 15 minutes before kick off, so we stood in line at "Gridiron Grill". We stood... and stood... and stood... and wondered aloud what was taking so long. Kick off came and went, as did the first quarter. We stood in line for two burgers for 35 minutes. Ovation Foods had a sign on the condiments, "Tell us how we're doing".

You really want to know? BRUTAL. There were two lines, and one was substantially faster, so much so that people who were behind us left the line we were in and went to that one (obviously paying more attention) and were served before we even ordered. Listen, I don't mind $10 for a burger and fries but the service was so uncoordinated I can't even imagine how you could fix it aside from a clean sweep of staff... or a training day that didn't include the pressure of customers.

It took about 8 minutes between actually ordering and receiving your food. Not bad if you're at a restaurant, but we were not... we were at a fast food joint at a foot ball game.

The girl at the till was SO flustered that SHE signed my credit card receipt. You can't make shit like this up... it was a brutal wait, one I'll never do again. Lemme tell you what you can do with your Winkler wiener.

(add to that, we missed the first 1/4, which was the best part of the game)

The seats were ok, although we were pretty high up. As far as the venue goes, it was nice. You could see the field, see the jumbotron... it was a little smoky though. How much smoke can billow from the concessions? A lot I guess... you can see it wafting in front of the field lights.

Getting out wasn't too bad, but that bus route I liked so much doesn't run after 7pm, so we rode the bus to the Osborne BRT Station and transferred on Osborne. Didn't wait too long and caught another bus north bound (16) and got off at the Bay downtown. Here is where things get a little sketchy. We missed the 15 because we didn't run and jay walk. We took the 14 and walked home. While I'm not sure I liked figuring out the routes I needed to take on the fly (yes, I assumed the 36 would still run), the transportation was probably the least aggravating part of the evening.

All in all, I'm not rushing to go back any time soon, and if I do, I'll take a bus. I'll probably wait until they have a product on the field worth paying admission to see. This loss was so bad, someone should call Lapolice  the police.

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