Friday, November 8, 2013

I pay EXTRA for this?

Last year we received yet another "tax" from our City. I'm sure they have a name for it, which in the mind of our mayor, makes it a user fee or something, but not a tax.

The tax imposed was a flat surcharge on our water bills to help us all recycle.

I wrote about the slush fund solid waste was creating... no real plan for the money, but they needed it, so we all got to fork over another $50 to fund stuff. What kind of stuff?

From the City web site, "The daily waste diversion fee was introduced to fund new programs that provide residents with more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle (e.g., curbside yard waste collection, a curbside kitchen organic collection trial, Community Resource Recovery Centres)."

Ah Ha! So now I suppose I can't complain that I'm not getting my monies worth. You see, we typically go two weeks between recycling pick ups. Sure... I know what you're thinking,

"No way! After all, it's Recycling Day! Don Woodstock had them rename it, and that's the most important part of the whole day, NOT garbage!"

Wrong. The garbage get's picked up (finally), but all the blue bins are left (full of paper and other combustibles) sitting out in front of our vehicles, naively believing that they might just be a little behind (yes fearless leaders, I do go out and move them around every time I need to move one or the other vehicle. Thank you very little).

Is there anything this City can accomplish with any sort of success? Other jurisdictions seem to manage, but really, the whole issue is indicative of the poor leadership we have running this gong show (with all due respect to the Gong Show, where at least clanging the gong made the performer stop, and the pain went away).

We have a CAO who is hired as a result of nepotism, is unqualified, and has the propensity to over rule those under him, and not provide any clear answers. Who would expect anything more from those under him?

Would we really expect the Signal Department under the leadership of Escobar to mange to keep our antiquated traffic lights work when it rains?

Can we expect the Water Department to come up with anything better than, "The water is brown because someone is STEALING water!"

Can we really hope that the Fire Chief knows his place, and realizes that he's out of his league when it comes to making a deal with the largest real estate developer in the City (and a former business partner of the Mayor)? (Or Barry Thorgrimson or Deepak Joshi?)

Can we expect 311 to be anything other than a complaint centre, with no ability to bring any real satisfaction to a caller? Or to gather any useful information that might be used to target City services to areas where they are most needed?

Can we dare to hope that the twit at the weigh scale at the landfill site, and their purposefully deceitful signage care that they are misrepresenting the fees you pay to use the dump?

Is there a chance that we might hope that the parking fiasco that sees vehicles consistently taking up two spaces by virtue of having no lines on the road now that there are no meters to demark a spot?

NO, we can't.

Until we have a mayor AND councillors willing to take on the union and the status quo, and LEAD BY EXAMPLE, we'll continue to have City services run by under achievers who fail to deliver even the basic services they are expected to, while patting themselves on the back for reclaiming all that methane from the landfill... and burning it off instead of using it to fuel vehicles as they said they would.

Good job, I'm sure you'll all be promoted!

As long as the leaders are of questionable quality and character, we truly can't expect those working under them to be any better.

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