Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Calling BS on the new guy's first news conference

So that guy who oozes confidence, Steve Ashton, introduces our "new" flood forecaster to the oohs and aahs of the MSM who report on the exciting event.

Missed in all that is the first line of BS we are given by him. He offered up that he's here because of a Google search. "What is the best place for water and flood fighting" http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/new-flood-forecaster-came-to-the-right-place-247010001.html

Lemme try that... just a sec... hmmmmmm

Aside from current stories about him having said that... nothing. Maybe I need to remove the quotes? I'll give you that the Wikipedia page lists the flood way in it's "Americas" section. Even Winnipeg is mentioned, but he didn't mention Wikipedia, he mentioned Google which seems to have most of it's references to some other place... in Europe. You likely guessed some country where they speak Dutch, that we call Holland, and is known as The Netherlands. China seems to come up quite often too, as does (believe it or not) New Orleans.

Perhaps I should rephrase the search? You see the problem with doing such a search from here is that we're not currently searching from Africa, so we actually come up with a few references to Manitoba in our search... and almost none for Africa where the alleged search occurred. I think there must be some way to alter my search to suit this... how about if I use a different search site, like https://www.google.com.et/ ? There appears to be a language barrier here, but we'll try the original search. Ummm...no.

The only hits are related directly to this story, and again, our Dutch friends, some references to a few other things, but nothing for Manitoba. How do you translate "What is the best place for water and flood fighting" into Ethiopian? (Oh wait... that is Amharic, not Ethiopian)

የጎርፍ መቀልበሻ ቦይ ? Is that it? best I could get... flood protection canal. Hey! We got the best one of those! Should get a hit!

Nope. Maybe if I try adding "best" to that? 

Still nothing.

OK... so perhaps I'll stop chasing that particular idea. Where has this guy been the past five years?


"For the past five years Unduche was the senior water control systems planning engineer for the province where he got first-hand experience with flooding in 2009 and 2011." (WFP)

He was in charge of the water control structures for MIT... like the SHELL MOUTH DAM! You know, the one that was kept too full! And Fairford! The one that was keeping the level of Lake Manitoba artificially high, causing the lake to flood when the other structure he was responsible for, the Portage Diversion, was set to "full on"  dumping all the water he kept in Shellmouth into Lake Manitoba!

Excellent resume!

Remember, these are the guys soundly thrashed in a report for using old excel spreadsheets to do their best "guestimates" of how much flooding we'd get... and this was the place he claimed was his answer to "What is the best place for water and flood fighting" .

"Wow" is all I can say. The general public, as well as the MSM who seem to just blindly regurgitate this stuff must really be fools. A guy who was involved in the unmitigated disaster of flood forecasting gets promoted to "boss" to much fanfare and accolades... and he was the cream that rose to the top. Staying with that analogy, I've been down to the river after a serious high water event... and that isn't cream I see floating.

Let's see if he can read a map better than his old boss could, and recognize that the only watershed that's bigger than the Red River is that of the Assiniboine. We'll see if he mentions that river at all, as old Philip seemed to forget all about it a few years ago.

"What is the best place for water and flood fighting"

You can't make this shit up.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sure the water is brown, but now we know WHY!

I let this steep for a while... you know, like tea.

Did you know that you get more manganese from a cup of tea than from drinking brown water? It's true!

Manganese? What is that?

Apparently it is a naturally occurring thing in the water we get from Shoal Lake. Oh ya... the fine folks at the new fancy very expensive Water treatment plant actually ADD the stuff as a "coagulant".  Now we know why it's brown! The City pours the shit in that hangs to the walls of the pipes, and when the brown shit comes off the pipe it flows into your home! (like a "slug")

You can't make up ineptitude like this. It is only available from something as sick as our City's bureaucracy.

As I watched the news conference, I Googled "brown water manganese" and guess what I found? A whole FLURRY of hits linking brown water and manganese, and the clowns have been ADDING it to the water!

Is that a problem for you? It's not for me, because I was told to just run the water until it runs clear. Imagine... the guy who spent YEARS training three kids  NOT to run the water while they brushed their teeth, suddenly watching the metered water run down the drain, knowing that water is cheap, it's the SEWER charge that kills you.

Credit? Not likely... "We're indemnified" "we're not responsible" "it's safe to drink" "If you don't pay your bill we'll just add it to your taxes"

When will it stop? "In a few years"." We will set up a pilot project to test a new coagulant".  Seriously? Who is running this gong show? Are you REALLY trying to tell me that no other water utility in the world has already fixed this? They KNOW the problem exists! It's on their web site... phone them!!!

From Ireland to New Zealand, utilities know that manganese levels cause brown water, but here in Winnipeg, where we underpay and over work our mandarins, they had no idea, and hired ACOM and CH2N to figure it all out for them.

Diane Sacher was able to tell us that there is no health standard for manganese in water in Canada but the World Health Organization has some levels they recommend... and we're well below that.

Swandel continues to tell us that it's an aesthetic issue... "I got more manganese in my tea today"

Yuck it up funny man.

I can't believe I am agreeing with Russ Wyatt and his assertion that an inept CAO hired inept Department heads, but I am hard pressed to disagree with him.

I honestly can't get my head around how someone with a Masters in Professional Engineering had to hire outside consultants to figure this out when HER STAFF were adding the stuff to the water to begin with.

Wanna guess at what she takes home? That kind of public service is worth $163,336 a year. That's better than the Director of Public Works took home. You know...  the guy who had his Department sign a contract with Mulder Construction and paid the $800,000 for a whack of sand bags the City never received?

Name sound familiar?  It's a family thing. (engineering, ineptitude, you pick) Wyatt  is picking on him too.

Poor guy only makes $155,371 to screw up that big... and I'm sure old Sam will defend them both.

Strange that I'm liking Russ more. At least his latest rant against Public Works is honest, and what a lot of us actually think.

We elected Sam because we mistakenly believed he'd say those kinds of things, and clean house, but all he's learned to do it toe the line, and tell us what a great job these clowns are doing.

We really do need a Mayor and Council that have a pair. If Russ is the only guy there with a set... we're in more trouble than even I think we're in (and I think we're in a lot of trouble).