Monday, May 26, 2014

Well look what we have! Zebra Mussels!

Now isn't this great. The dreaded Zebra Mussel has finally invaded Lake Winnipeg and is infesting Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, and some other harbors.

For years Conservation and Water Stewardship have been posting billboards with the, "Don't let Zebra Mussels hitch a ride" slogan on them.


What else did they do to prevent this? I dunno. Do you know?

They did have this on their web page ,
and they did get some pressure washers that they used, albeit intermittently and without any real consistency ,

So how seriously did they take this "threat" ? They waited until last year to buy some pressure washers?

Sure... I know, "You slam everything the government pin heads do. What do you think they should have done?"

Well, it's like this. We are a fairly land locked place. Sure,there are  a lot of ways in and out of the province, yet... not really. Saskatchewan was/is a non issue as they do not yet have the zebra mussels, so what's left? There is only one way in from Ontario, and the rest are US/Canada border crossings.

Now the last time I drove down the #1 Trail over to Kenora I noticed that there is a truck weigh scale there, and a visitor centre. On the way back I noticed a "tobacco tax" declaration station. I did not see a pressure washer.

On my last trip home from visiting the US, I was charged GST and PST by our Canadian Border Services Agents, they have washrooms, vehicle inspection sheds... but no pressure washers.

In Belize, when you cross into Guatemala, (and back) you pay a fee for decontamination. They spray your vehicle with something that will kill the parasites that threaten their crops. Same thing when driving through Mexico and you cross from Sinaloa to Chihuahua within Mexico. What do these developing countries know that we don't know?

Maybe it's just that they put a little effort in.

Every vehicle gets sprayed. How difficult would it be to put up signs insisting that every boat gets sprayed? Surely there isn't really a risk during ice fishing season... would this really have been that tough?

But a tobacco tax declaration booth! NOW we're talkin' !