Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who was at Folk Fest?

Well opening night at the Folk Fest was a good time. It seemed that the VIP tent was packed with political hacks who continue to have influence behind the scenes, and some who are elected, with no influence at all.
While I understand Ron Lemieux opening the meal and giving thanks for the volunteers (as well as encouraging us to drink up as Minister of Liquor and Lotteries) , I can't quite figure out why guys like Eugene Kostyra, Bill Blakie, and of all things, Thomas Mulcair show up for a free meal, and a few photos.
While I looked around for any of them during the acts, I didn't see them.
Notably absent was pretty much anything that would be considered "blue", unless it was related to a music genre.
It was a beautiful night, and I assume a malathion bomb had been dropped earlier when none of the folks from Wolsely were looking as mosquitoes were few. Bonnie Rait joked about how she never knew that bug spray was such an aphrodisiac.
We got to enjoy some slide guitar performed by her, honed over the past four decades of performing. She sounds great, and I reluctantly caught the 10:30 bus back to the city. I'm thinking that the organizers need to have the bus leave after the last song...unless you're Thomas Mulcair and you're there for photos and glad handing.
Notable was Amy Helm, who (sorry Amy) I'd never heard before. Great voice, good tunes... I couldn't help but think that she needs a more powerful male back up singer though...especially during an à capella piece "Friends ", where a decent bass was missing. with all due respect to her talent as a stand alone rite, her dad was Leavon Helm, best known as the lead singer in "the Band". While they didn't do "Cripple Creek ", they did cover "the night they drove old Dixie down", however there was either terrible feedback, or they used a defective Melodica wind piano as there was a consistent shrill noise that detracted from the performance.
All in all, opening night was good, I just hope all the political hacks had as good a time as we did.

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