Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who am I going to vote for?

I was all ready to go vote at the advanced polls. I'm away on election day, so I took my voter card to see where I could go tomorrow.

No where. There are no more advanced polls.

I can't blame anyone but myself. The card was there, the info clearly on the City website... my fault, save for maybe the inability to understand why there wouldn't be an advanced poll right up to election day. So there, you have it... I messed up and missed my first election in 30 years. I'm disappointed in myself, so all I can do is tell you who I would have voted for if I had.

I live in the West End, and my good OLD friend and current councilor recently sent me "The Harvey Report". Good thing we have an election so I can read about all the great things he's done. My favourite was the anecdotes from supporters, especially the one from Joe Chan, " If Harvey hadn't gotten me the information, I couldn't have sued the Mayor" (paraphrased... I tossed the literature).

Umm, Joe? Didn't you lose? Plus costs? Maybe you shouldn't be thanking Harvey for his "help".

Bellamy is Pat Martin's stooge, and the federal/provincial NDP stooge. Anyone seen or heard from Pat? No? Maybe let's call him at home on Salt Spring Island, BC. Pat hasn't been here in a while.

So we have to vote for Cindy Gilroy. I e-mailed Cindy a few months back. I had a tough time finding her website and after I did find it, mentioned that they needed to tune up their key words so people could find the site easier and asked how I could get her a donation to help her campaign. I never heard back. I sure hope this isn't an indication of things to come, because I already receive that kind of responses from the guy I cc on matters pertaining to my encounters with the City... and I don't hear back from Harvey either.

Thus ends the councilor advice, On to bigger and better things.

Go Judy Go! Away! Go Away! This career politician who has never been responsible for anything, and had to move to Manitoba to get elected because her first few attempts to get a seat in Ontario failed should just take her two pensions and open a hot dog stand that she could promptly run into the ground. Please, for the love of all things good and true, DON'T vote for Judy.

Gord Steeves. Sorry Gord, but the idea that you have fresh ideas about how to run the City can't be taken seriously. How much "change" did you vote for when you were a councilor? NOW you have fresh ideas? Puuuhleeeese. You were there when Sheegal was hired!

Bowman. I liked this guy right up to the point when he started talking.  If this was a three horse race (I'm going to stay away from any "old nag" jokes to avoid being called sexist), I'd hold my nose and vote for him, but only because I don't think he can do as much as he thinks he can, and might just be able to deliver on a few of the transparency issues he's running on. We could use a little less corruption in how our City operates. BRT....... really? Are you serious? What's next? More bicycle paths?

Since it's not a three horse race, I'll go on.

Ouellette. I just can't take a guy seriously when he thinks it's a good idea to lower the voting age to 16 years old. Listen up Rob. You're biggest tax payer is a property owner, and if you think I'm going to elect a guy who thinks that kids should be able to vote for a clown who will decide where, and how much money to take from me, and then determine where to redistribute that wealth, you've got another thing coming.

Paula. I liked you as a councilor, but for Mayor, I just don't think you have it. Sorry.

Who's the guy with the strippers wearing his T shirts again?  I haven't quite figured out his angle. Last time around, when that goof Realtor whose face adorns a number of buildings he has listed ran, I understood that he was after name recognition. The "talent agency" guy... dunno. In a word, "NOT".

David Sanders. Alas, I e-mailed him a few months ago too. Same as Cindy... nothing back. Offering money and a lawn to plant a sign on isn't as enticing as it used to be I guess. Regardless... have you read his resume?  Have you followed any of his speeches when her appeared at council meetings to make presentations? This guy has actually BEEN to a council meeting, which is more than we cold say for Bowman before the last one (which he showed up at, just to take a look inside I guess)
David is CLEARLY the most qualified person to be the Mayor out of the names on the ballot.

Forget the polls. Forget strategic voting... It won't work as Steeves or Bowman would had to have dropped out, and Steeves' ego got in the way. Judy may slip through the middle... all that after saying little, and when pressed, couldn't answer questions and had some old egg head economist "price out" her agenda, but still had no idea as to how to pay for things other than telling us that she'd find the money to cover the interest on the money she was going to borrow.

That's a plan? All you can do to stop her is vote for a strong, sensible council... and David Sanders.

We'll talk some more after the big day, and remember, "People get the leaders they deserve", especially those that don't vote. I'm just sick over it.

If you were waffling, if you had no intention of voting, would you please go and vote on my behalf?