Monday, September 12, 2016

Traffic woes. What Lett doesn't gett

That's a play on words... Dan Lett, WFP columnist and resident apologist for almost everything that goes on did a piece a few weeks ago. "Season's Bleatings"  as if we, as stupid as sheep, were to be silent as we are hearded through some of the traffic planning disasters.

Who comes up with these barricades?

Winnipeg has embraced the stupidest manner of alerting you to a closed lane ahead. They'll close off the left lane, and force that lane to merge right (or vice versa) before an intersection. This is done because a block up, the left lane (or Right if reversed) is closed.

Sure... so what? They have to close the lane.  Ahem... no. Not like THAT!

Example. Maryland Avenue, where traffic from the left curb lane was forced to merge right. Trouble is, I (and numerous others) were wanting to turn left. No I (when I finally got to the light, three or four cycles in) held up traffic behind me as I waited for pedestrians to clear before I could turn left, allowing those proceeding straight to proceed. Wanna know how to fix this? See I know how, and I never went to traffic engineering school or nuthin'.  It's called a "Left turn only " sign. You put it up in the middle of the block, then again in 500 feet, and then one last one at the intersection. I've even been to places where they have those new fangled signs that flash a message, but I don't want to get too over the top here... I think this will do
 I mean... how hard is that? Now I know, you're wondering "How inconvenient was it... don't you know how to merge?"

Well... perhaps if there was some notice, but here in the Peg, it's a bit of a guessing game... which lane is closed ahead? Did it cause a bit of unnecessary frustration? I'd think so.

Now for the traffic geek who says, "We have to ensure no one goes straight to protect the workers", I have one thing to say.

And if you want to get real fancy, you could put a sign on that that looks like this

Do this, and we can prevent some of this

If you somehow manage to exist in a fog, and think this is a one off, let's look at Maryland and Ellice just a few days later (wanting to turn right onto Ellice)
And this stupidity trying to turn right onto Portage a few days after that... merge left to turn right! 
Then there's the same trick at Route 90 at Ness.
This is the height of stupidity. To force a lane to merge only to exit the lane in 25 feet.

These people couldn't plan their way out of a wet paper bag.

So Dan, when people complain, maybe it's not so much about the construction, but how poorly it's carried out insofar as warnings of lane closures, and the handling of traffic goes.

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