Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another trip to Brady Road

So let's say you have an item you need to discard, and you're a responsible citizen. What do you do?

You load your garbage into your car, truck, trailer... whatever, and drive to the dump.

How far are you going? Well if you live in Bridgwater, not very, but if you're in North Kildonan you're in for a 35 km (+/-) half hour drive, one way.  Sounds convenient.

So you check your work schedule and know that you have to leave at 7:30 to get there by 8, allow a half hour to dump your shit, and by the time you get back at 9 you can get ready to go to work.

Before you plan this major adventure, you should probably confirm the hours, so you use "the google" and plug in "brady road landfill hours" which says "open today 8AM-8PM.

And you're off on the adventure of the week! The entire drive, you're thinking, "I'm doing something that requires the engagement of a City Department. This will go badly for me."

I know... "You're a pessimist. You just hate the City and you've said so." Correct.

Upon arrival, you join the line of others waiting at the gate. How many others? At least 10 cars are there for the 8 AM opening... except they decided not to open at 8 today. Today we open at 9.

Why?  "Winter Hours. It says so there on the sign"

It is a nice sign. I'll bet it was well over budget when they had it made. Thing is, why did "the google" think we were opening at 8 today? This is screwed up. Clearly the "third party information" I gleaned is incorrect. This can't be the City's fault. (click on picture to enlarge)

So after driving home (with all my shit) I stopped at McDonalds, bought breakfast (which all went off without a hitch BTW) and fueled up (which also worked out very well) and sat down at my desktop to go to the City website. (same picture clicking deal on this one)


I could complain to 311, I could call my Councillor, I could rant at the Mayor if I promised to allow him to smile for a picture, and I could call up the head of the Department, but I CAN'T GET MY HOUR BACK, or the fuel, or the SECOND hour I need to go there and back another time.

How about this?

I'm dumping my shit in a bin illegally, tossing it in the lane, or leaving it in a ditch.

Catch me.

Next time you hear about how people are dumping illegally, know that the ROOT issue is the terrible policies and procedures of a department that has no concern or respect for the citizens it is supposed to serve.

You guys suck at pretty much everything you do. More on this "shit show" in a future post. I'm thinking about a reoccurring theme, but I have to come up with a catchy title. How about WWWW (What's Wrong With Winnipeg)?

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